Breeds of geese – names and description

Parody geese

Smallholdings are increasingly important walking geese.

This is not surprising, because the geese are on the list in second place behind the chickens in the poultry industry.

And all thanks to the increased precocity and easy care.

To obtain 1 kg of gain, you need about 3 kg of concentrated fodder and 1.3 kg of flour on a grassy basis. Everything would be fine, but you need to choose the right breed of geese.

Breeds of geese

Among the meat most often at the farm are grown the following species:

Big gray. When crossing the Toulouse goose with Romensky Guskov, the aim was to obtain increased performance and a large mass of live weight.

For this reason, this breed of geese has a strong body, excellent mobility and excellent weight gain.

The average goose weighs 6 to 6.5 kg, but there are the «heavyweights» which reach 9 kg.

The male great grey goose grows to 8 kg or more. If the breeding geese are planned only for meat, no fat, birds are grown to 9 weeks.

In this age geese have a mass up to 4,500 g, but without the fat. During the year the egg production is in the range of 45 eggs weighing up to 175 gr.

The Toulouse breed. These geese for a short time to gain weight and a significant amount of fat.

The reason is the sluggishness and lack of appetite, to coarse plant feed.

All this together has a positive effect on the increase of weight of the carcass. This breed of geese is much more previous relatives, an adult goose can weigh up to 12 kg, goose up to 10 kg.

To prevent the increase of the fat layer, the geese it is recommended to score at least 4 months from birth. During the year, Gus brings up to 40 eggs, whose average weight is from 160 to 200 gr.

The Kholmogory breed. This breed is the largest. The distinguishing feature is the significant increase in the mass of carcasses in a short time.

An adult female can weigh up to 8 kg, male up to 10 kg. the optimal time for slaughter is considered to be 60-65 days, the mass is about 4 kg, egg production within 40 eggs which weight can be from 170 to 200 gr.

Romny geese. In 5 months, the bird has a weight of approximately 5 lbs. Adult goose live weight gains up to 6 kg. Goose grows up to 6.5 kg. the Female gives in the year to 30 eggs.

Romaska breed of geese have a higher instinct to hatching eggs.

Parody geese

Tula geese. Owing to the strong body of these geese at the time was great «fighters» and participated in the battles of goose.

Goose grows to a maximum of 6-7 kg, goose to 9 kg. Goose egg is no different, and brings to 25 eggs per year.

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