Breeds of chickens – meat, and egg masaichi

Parodi chickens

Not surprisingly, many household owners prefer to make it chickens.

This bird is not whimsical to food and conditions of detention.

Even without any special effort, chickens «will thank» their masters tasty dietary meat and eggs.

In the household often contain meat, egg or masahico breed.

Only in Russia there are more than 52 species. Next, we will focus only on some of them.

Breeds of chickens

 Meat category

Brahma or Bramaputra

The cock has a weight of 3,400 to 4,600 grams, and the chicken from 2,400 to 3,700 grams. Broskie chickens have meat a bit rough, so it is considered to be of average quality.

The hen begins to lay eggs about 8 months of age. The egg has a mass of 60 grams. Standard egg production — no more than 120 units a year, in winter it decreases, but not significantly. 2 — year-old chicken egg-laying is greatly reduced.


The adult male weighs at least 3,500 max 4,500 g, and from 2,500 to 3,500 grams. The number of eggs may range from 120 per year, with a weight of about 66 grams.

This breed of chickens has a good brood hens. Chickens grow pretty fast, but it does not tolerate damp and cold.

Cornish (Cornish)

Adult cock has a weight of from 3,700 to 5 kg weight of the hen not exceeds 3,400 g. The female bears per year from 100 to 130 eggs, weighing not more than 63 gr. chickens are rapidly gaining in weight and about two months later, have minimum weight 1,500 gr limit of 2 kg.

Masaiya category

Adler silver

The adult male is gaining weight from 3,300 to 4,500 grams, the female weighs 2,900 grams, with four months gives from 170 to 180 eggs weighing approximately 60 grams.


The adult male has a weight of 3,500 grams and 2,200 grams hen, which brings not less than 200 eggs, which have a weight of 56 grams.

Zagorskaya salmon

Cock at the age of seven weeks does not weigh more than one kilo, while chicken is gaining about 0.9 kg. Cock to three or four months live weight weighs 1,800 grams, and has grown to 3 , wherein the weight of chicken is 2,200 gr and it is prone to obesity.

Egg category

Ukrainian Ushanka

The adult male has a mass of approximately 3,400 gr. the female 1,700 — 2,400 grams. Her fertility is about 160 eggs, though the breed has recordsmens that bring to 215 pieces. The weight of 1 egg is approximately 52 grams.

Russian white

In this breed, the male weighs between 2,400 to 3,200 grams, the hen not more than 2,000 g, in the first year it gives about 200 eggs weighing up to 65 g. «Favoriten»

Parodi chickens

laying hens can produce up to 220 eggs.

The Leghorn

Weight of adult Cockerel does not exceed 2,900 grams, and females no more than 2,000. It does not have the urge incubation. In 5 months the chicken is ready to give eggs a year and can bring in 240 pieces, the record-holder up to 300. The weight of one not above 62 gr.

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