Breeding turkeys at home

Growing turkeys

All home grown on the metochion of birds, the Turkey is the largest bird.

Many farmers appreciated the profitability of this business, and every year the entrepreneurship in growing turkeys is becoming more successful.

The yield hovers around 45% and above. If you follow the technology of cultivation, in a year you can do two cycles. In this case, the yield would be 100%.

But Turkey breeding will be successful if provided with the necessary facilities.

So, where do you start? Beginners should start with the cultivation of grown-up youngsters instead of buying daily Turkey poults.

It is desirable that the birds were at least 3-4 months, as by this time they become more strong and be able to eat normal food. This means that the probability of death of young animals is minimized.

If the economy is already adult birds, breeding turkeys, you can continue from eggs. But in this case, you need about a dozen turkeys and one gobbler.

This is the number of female individual male will feel as comfortable as possible. With a larger number of females, Turkey can not cope with the task, which is a quality fertilization of the eggs.

Turkey incubates the eggs for about 28 days. On the socket it is being placed, starting from the end of March to may. You should not put a lot of eggs under a young hen. Enough about 17 pieces.

Ideally, they should all be hidden under the hen, but at the same time, her wings will be folded. At the bottom of the socket first you must put some soft ground, and placed on top of dry fodder.

Place in the aviary for the nest should be warm. Feeder, drinker, must be placed beside the hen. In a container you can pour the sand and also put next.

Turkey breeding can be carried out using the incubator, but it is worth saying that turkeys are extremely caring towards offspring.

During incubation females may even forget to eat. In this case, it is necessary to forcibly remove from the nest and feed. During this time, you can view the eggs. With cracks and dents removed.

So the Chicks were healthy, it the first day to eight meals a day. From first to third day give dry shredded wheat mixed with cool boiled egg.

The subsequent days to months of age based on feed lies crushed cereal and chopped grass. You can give alfalfa, nettles, clover, cabbage leaves. Allowed to enter into the diet of feed.

The young are kept with the hen from 6 to 8 weeks. After that, Chicks can be deposited and transfer to adult food. The birds give a mash, dry and wet.

Breeding turkeys at home

Because birds eat a lot of grain, it is better to germinate. Spring based feed is grass. It is also possible to produce turkeys on pasture.

Poultry house for turkeys should be warm, despite the fact that birds do not feel bad even at — 15°C.

To Turkey breeding was successful, the room should be dry and warm. Dampness is excluded. It is important to make warm bedding.

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