Breeding turkeys at home in the country

Breeding turkeys

Poultry rearing on adjoining territory is considered to be quite successful occupation as it is profitable financially, and also the meat is of the highest quality, because hardly anyone will use harmful chemicals.

Breeding turkeys in private conditions does not differ from breeding chickens.

The room should be build of wood, but it is also necessary to insulate.

The size of the shed 3-5 birds must be at least 5 sq. m. One word for one bird you need 1 sq. m. Along the walls set the way in which the turkeys are sleeping.

Prepared shed, you should think about the Turkey family. It is advisable to buy at the end of winter as the spring birds will be able to adapt to new conditions.

Turkey family consists of one male and four to five females. If you plan on growing turkeys for sale, it is better to buy meat breed, since they eat everything, are fertile and grow very quickly.

It is important to know that turkeys first three days almost defenseless, so this period is very hard. Further trouble will be less.

Breeding turkeys will be successful if you organize a dog walk. Since these birds are prone to obesity, the size of the paddock shall be spacious.

In addition to the basic ration, the young and the adult birds love fresh greens and insects. But it is not necessary to sacrifice for the sake of the vegetable garden, because the damage vegetable crops will be significant.

Even if the birds are allowed to roam freely, they need minerals and vitamins. Of course, you can balance the ration, but mostly poultry farmers get ready food. Despite the fact that it costs more trouble to cook it takes much less.

For young turkeys approach the feed «Start». It can be given from two weeks of age. Then you can begin to introduce greens, nettle, dandelion, green onions.

Turkeys love low-fat cheese and yoghurt, so these foods can be given in unlimited quantities. Chicks give wet mash, crushed grain.

The first week of Turkey poults fed every three hours, then the time increases. After about a month the young are to release on the range.

Breeding turkeys can be accompanied by diseases of birds, so you should familiarize yourself with the basic diseases and to purchase a minimum medical kit.

It is not always possible to call the vet, so the owner must in some way take over.

Despite the fact that Turkey is unpretentious, the house needs to be regularly disinfected. Also they will need at least a couple times a week to stir up the litter so it was not stamped.

Breeding turkeys at home

As for drinkers and feeders, the requirements are minimal.

At the evening feeding can not come all the turkeys, so you need to follow. But adults are more disciplined.

Breeding turkeys with proper care, a very profitable venture, because already in the second year all the expense pay for itself and start generating profit.

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