Breeding quail at home

breeding quail at home

Recently in Russia more and more spread, this type of agriculture, such as breeding quail at home.

Came to us out of Japan and China, where this bird is considered a symbol of wealth and prosperity.

I must say that this is a very profitable event. Almost every day the quail lays one egg.

The quality and richness of useful substances much higher than chicken. They have a unique taste, besides are considered a delicacy product.

Keep and breed quail in summer, his beloved country in a normal cell, and in winter on the heated balconies, but for this it is necessary to maintain the temperature at least twenty degrees, and the illumination not less than fourteen hours a day.

In addition, in a place where there will be a cage should be well ventilated, but drafts are not allowed.

On the bottom of the cage it is best to spread the plastic sheeting, which should be changed at least once a day.

The best species for cultivation in the home of the Japanese quail.

He is unpretentious to the conditions of detention and quality of food. Besides, bred in captivity for several years.

Adult birds should be fed at least twice a day and make sure that always had water in the drinkers. The diet of quail may look like this: flour mixture, rich mixture, protein foods ( cheese, beef and so on).

Feed can be given in dry and wet form. It is desirable that the bird was no lack of greens, clover, nettle, alfalfa – all suitable for feeding quail.

Experts recommend, from time to time add to feed fresh blood of the killed bird. Also the delicacy of quails will be cooked the liver.

Quail is very rare in captivity, incubate, so will need an incubator. The period of incubation of quail is seventeen days.

Month of these are kept in a box made of plywood with round the clock coverage, gradually reducing the period to fifteen hours.

For per diem of these the optimum temperature thirty-seven degrees for a week Chicks – thirty-four. As they get older birds, the temperature was lowered, bringing to twenty-two.

To feed the newly born Chicks are better grated with the shell egg. You can add dry food and boiled fish.

At the age of one month of these seats on cells previously divided by gender. Males are grown for meat, the females for eggs.

On average, one adult bird consumes in a day not more than twenty-five grams of food. Therefore, for the entire period of cultivation to about 800 grams.

The female begins to lay eggs at the age of one month, in a year she blows up to about three hundred eggs.

Simple arithmetic dictates that the breeding of quail is quite favorable and profitable business, and this kind of cost is minimal.

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