Breeding pigs in the country

Breeding pigs

Even despite the fact that the suburban area is small in size, the breeding of pigs can become quite profitable.

In this lesson, the main thing to plan and create the necessary conditions for cultivation of agricultural animals. Where do you start?

Breeding pigs

First we need to determine the group of the productivity of pigs, because they are divided into Masolino, meat (bacon), and greasy rock.

Next you need to think about the room for piglets. Most suitable option would be the barn consists of three parts.

This includes main room, a place for walking, preferably with a canopy and a pit where pigs can swim.

The exercise area must be at least ten squares. In the main room should be set to «machines» for relaxation, as well as feeders and drinkers at this level that the animal easily to them enough, but do not pollute.

For the younger population the approximate size of the «machine» can be about 3 squares to the sow — 4 square, and to the uterus with piglets, the square should be about 6 squares.

When planning the breeding of pigs, be aware that pigs are actually quite powerful animals, so they will «feel» his physique weak points in construction.

If the partition will not be strong enough, the pig will break it or make it under the tunnel.

When building a sty you should make a waterproof warm roof, walls should be of such material, which ensures maximum heat retention. It can be a cinder block, Adobe or brick.

The floor should be wooden with grooves for the runoff of excrement, the room should be well publicized, be sure to think about ventilation, and to install instruments to heat (newborn piglets).

The key to successful rearing of piglets is correct and fairly heavy feeding. The main emphasis should be placed on natural feed.

Despite the fact that in recent times for growing pigs, using special feed additives, they are best avoided as they can be harmful to health.

If it is not possible to give up completely, then at least to reduce their use to a minimum.

breeding pigs

It is best in the diet to include so-called mash, which can be grass, vegetables, food scraps, boiled potatoes, corn.

It is also possible to feed the pigs meal, mixtures of grains and, of course, to add mineral and vitamin supplements.

If feeding mostly dry, the animals need to drink water.

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