Breeding of quails in the country

breeding quails

Breeding of quails is not only good for families, but also the opportunity to organize your own profitable business.

To ensure excellent performance of quail egg production, you must re-create for them the ideal conditions of keeping and feeding.

To feed the quail need only high-quality forage, which contains large amounts of proteins.

For breeding quail at his dacha or home need of an artificial incubator for eggs, as Pets because females have completely lost the instinct of incubation of masonry.

Incubators have different capacity, which depends on the number of eggs. Quail eggs arrive in an incubator for 17 days. These hatch very quickly, in about 6 hours.

Newborns quail brown feathers and two stripes along the back. These are characterized by high degree of mobility. The weight of these babies is 6-8 grams.

Of these can be kept in cardboard boxes and plywood, but the best option would be bruderly box. Out of the incubator babies these immediately placed in a box.

On the bottom of the box to be installed in a grid with cells at 5×10 mm Mesh contributes to the proper development of the legs of these.

The temperature must be carefully observed and monitored. These react negatively to the decrease in temperature.

Even a small reduction in temperature can lead to the death of these. From the very beginning of their lives these are able to feed themselves. They are growing and developing at a rapid pace.

In the rear of these must contain large amounts of vitamins, proteins and minerals.

For these under the age of 10 days the best option feed chopped eggs, cheese, ground crackers, mixed with feed.

For 2 months these increase your weight 20 times. During this time the birds reach almost adult size.

Quail love to bathe in dry sand, for this reason, the cage must occasionally put a tray with sand (the thickness is 5 – 7 cm).

Cells must be in a dry, warm room with good ventilation, as the air needs to get in there unhindered.

In the room where the quail should not be drafts, and the humidity was in the range of 55% to 75% and temperature below 16 degrees and above 25 degrees Celsius.

Quails fed any kind of grain fodder with crushed grain or feed based on

breeding quails

eggs and greens.

For this purpose, the perfect fodder with a high content of proteins. You need to constantly put food in the bird feeder. Quails fed 2-3 times a day.

The best feeders and drinking bowls have grooves, mounted on the outside of the cell. It is possible to fill the dry mixture of 1 or more, important to ensure that Ukraine was not empty.

If you have a large number of quails, it is better to equip the cage with automatic drinkers.

This drinking bowl can be made with your own hands. The water in the drinker can pour for a few days, but not less than 1 time a week, but it must be frequently washed.

The cell must be equipped with an additional feeder for juicy foods. Area for breeding quail should be taken at the rate of 30 square metres per 1,000 quails, given the fact that battery cages have dimensions of 100×50 cm.

Per month on average, one quail can get 22-23 eggs. One quail a day you need 20-30 grams of food.

Thus, 1,000 quails per month, you need 900 pounds of feed, they will be able to give you 2200-2300 eggs. Observe all the nuances and then you will succeed!

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