Breeding of carp in the pond at the cottage

breeding of carp in the pond

Breeding of carp in a pond in the country – it is fascinating and quite realistic.

Every year more and more people in their suburban areas are starting to breed their own fish.

It is not surprising that the choice made in the direction of carp, it is perfectly tolerates shallow and stagnant bodies of water.

In small reservoirs, it develops faster and to care for the fish much easier.

Breeding of carp in the pond

First of all it is necessary to prepare bids. The water should be «living», that is to contain microorganisms, it is very good if a few buckets of water will be added from the local any body of water.

It is also desirable that in the water were aquatic plants. Give a bid to settle a week before you start carp.

Optimal depth for cultivation of carp in the pond, ranging from 0.7 to 1.6 m, the environment is heated to +24°C., the most favorable for the life of the fish.

Below this temperature slows down development, and when it reaches +12°C and below, the growth practically stops, as feeding intensity decreases.

At +4°C, Karp ceases to consume food, it is also impossible to prevent the overheating of water above +30°C, at high temperatures, the oxygen content in the water decreases and fish ceases to feed and besides the lack of oxygen can lead to suffocation.

For high-quality breeding of the carp in the pond, it is necessary to provide artificial feeding. If this is not done, more than 20kg of fish per 0.1 ha is unlikely to succeed.

For feeding it is better to use special feed, but if not, you can replace the others, for chickens or pigs.

Food should be given in the form of a thick dough, you can also use the swollen grain cereals. Feeding happens twice a day, at the same time, in a permanent place.

In this case, before adding the feed, you can ring the bell, so the fish will develop a reflex, it will come to the feeding place.

Breeding of carp in the pond may last for several years. Fry or

breeding of carp in the pond

larvae best buy on the fishery.

The larvae of common carp to commercial type (over 1kg) will have to grow about 2 — 3 years, when planting density of 4pcs on 1/m. If to buy in the spring of Godovikov, 30-35g, then the fall will be able to grow quite large fish.

Breeding of carp in a pond lesson more for the southern regions of Russia, in those conditions easier to achieve maximum results.

Receive their fry in the country, a very difficult task and costly, as a rule, success will be difficult.

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