Breeding musk ducks at home

Breeding musk ducks

For the reason that breed of musky (dumb) ducks in the period of sexual maturity may weigh up to 6 kg, they are very often grown in the home yard.

They are distinguished by simplicity. Meat with minimal fat, and good ducks lay eggs.

Due to the fact that the egg has a lot of weight, egg production is highly valued in the market. So, there is the difficulty in breeding musk ducks?

Birds endowed with excellent immunity, and disease strikes them very rarely. That is why the popularity of the breed grows every year.

Breeding musk ducks

Females lay eggs for five months, then they molt occurs and the laying stops. All this lasts for three months.

In order to achieve high levels of oviposition, in the fifth month, gradually increase the daylight hours. At the time of oviposition, the duration of daylight should not be less than 16 hours.

If daylight is to sharply increase, then the ducks can eat their offspring. When breeding musk ducks, you need to know that the female does not sit on the nest if the number of eggs it will have about a half dozen pieces.

The optimal period for conception is the end of spring beginning of summer season. But the season should be warm, not hot.

We have to ensure to avoid mating between close relatives. Otherwise, the offspring can be defectiveness.

The Chicks begin to vyluplivajutsja on day 33. After about half an hour the young plants are transplanted in a well-heated place. Install lamp for heating. If this is not done, the Chicks can die from hypothermia.

Breeding musk ducks at first, a fairly difficult task, since the first days the Chicks will need to learn to eat and drink. Although on the second day they with these tasks you can handle yourself.

The first five days to give the Chicks boiled hard boiled egg. His finely crumbled and sprinkled on the backs of the young.

The Chicks start to miss food and thus learn to eat and react to everything that moves. You can add a slurry of milk. On the fifth day, introduce meat waste, but pre-cooked and finely chopped.

Breeding musk ducks will be successful if added to food supplements in form of vitamins and minerals. On day 10 you can give the boiled potatoes.

After that, birds can eat everything that they give an adult. With good care and feeding of up to 13 weeks, the young can weigh up to 3 kg.

What is the advantage of growing musk ducks? The birds are not hard to care for. Mortality has a very low percentage, as the immune system is very strong. Ducks don’t fight among themselves, mostly keep a bunch. Indifferent to the owner.

Breeding musk ducks

Also for a short time to gain weight, but eat less feed than normal ducks. The reason for this is the possibility of walking, during which the ducks find food.

No need of arrangement of the reservoir, but in the summer should put a small trough with water for bathing. To say that musk ducks can fly, so they need little pruning wings.

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