Breeding goats at home

breeding goats

Breeding goats can be not only interesting but also bring a fairly good income.

Most importantly, this does not require significant financial costs.

For breeding these intelligent and extraordinary animals need a shed with paddock and of course love.

Care for them is not difficult and also very interesting.

Breeding goats

What are the benefits of breeding goats at home? We all know that goats milk is the most useful.

In addition, goat meat is very tasty and dietary product. Also if animals are a specialized breed, they can get hair and fluff.

Therefore, when choosing a breed you need to consider the purpose for which the acquired animals.

Feeding the goats

In principle, the goat unpretentious in food and pasture may not be very rich in greens, but for highest yields, you need to follow a certain diet.


In addition to the fresh juicy grass, «menu» goats need to include silage, oats, corn, barley.

Additional products can be waste of raw beets, carrots, potatoes. Also the fodder prepared with the addition of steamed oatmeal. Such mixtures have a beneficial effect on milk yield.

You can give stale bread (fresh can cause stomach upset). If you have the opportunity to feed the goats by the roots, you can stick to such a diet:

— in the morning to give 500 g carrots and 200 g of grain; a day to feed 2 kg of silage; in the evening it is possible to give a 100 g meal and 150 grams of grain.

At night you can give hay. In the trough must be salt-lick or add some salt food yourself. Water at room temperature. Goats are not very well tolerate cold, so cold the water can get cold.

Moreover, pregnant goats from cold drink can be a miscarriage. The water tank should not be galvanized. Zinc can cause poisoning of the animal.

The size of a barn for goats

In the barn it is desirable to keep animals not on a leash. One machine must be of equal strength and character of the animal.

For one goat stall width should be at least a meter and a length up to two meters.

As the goat moving animal, then the place should be enough for her. Otherwise the tightness can negatively affect milk yield.

If pugnacious goat, then it is better to separate from the herd and bind, but to animals saw each other.

When breeding goats at home, note that in the shed floor should be wooden.

If in the barn except goats are other animals, it is better to nail to the wall

breeding goats at home


Height from floor approximately 70 cm.. Goats are intelligent animals, so they prefer to climb up and rest in a clean and dry place.

The goat must be separate to smell it is not transferred to milk.

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