Breeding geese in the home

Breeding geese

Having the farm geese you can not worry about price hikes in meat products.

Due to the variety of breeds, breeding geese in the home is becoming more popular.

Today is a very profitable breeding of geese, as the adult bird can weigh up to 6 kg, but the fat is about 2.5 kg.

Goose liver is very healthy and nutritious. Even if you raise geese up to 2 months, a young goose will weigh about 5 kg.

And the main thing is that geese are so unpretentious in food, can eat as food waste and feed themselves on the pasture.

The contents of geese

For breeding geese in the household it is necessary to create certain conditions.

First you need to think about the goose house to avoid, which should be warm, dry, with optimum ventilation and sufficiently large.

The best option space for one bird is 1 sq. m. however you should know that for Gusakov fatal draught.

The floor should be lined with chopped hay or dry sawdust. In the goose house to avoid to install the waterers, feeders and nesting areas for. Must be outing for walking.

For the prevention and combating vermin, birds need to provide capacity with the presence of sand and ash.

In the summer the birds are allowed to sleep on the street. Geese are resistant to cold, even down to – 10°C, but the room temperature should be above + 10°C.

Caring for goslings

Although the farming geese is a time consuming process, it cannot be called heavy. The most important and perhaps the difficult time, you can call the first couple weeks of life, goslings.

If in this period, the goslings survived, then, subject to norms, growth of the birds will be maximized.

For 10 goslings is enough to provide two square meters. If birds bigger then the litter will be much faster dirty, and the goslings will be more difficult to come to the feeder and the drinker, they will be undernourished and slow in development.

The first 15 days of life, goslings room temperature should be around +28°C. Then for three weeks you need to gradually reduce the temperature to +18°.

A lower temperature will lead to the fact that the goslings will be off in groups to keep warm.

At elevated temperatures the birds will drink a lot of water, but little to eat. So the temperature should be optimal.It is also very important to monitor the ventilation so that the Chicks haven’t lost your appetite.

The first two weeks the lighting should be around the clock, while at night

Breeding geese

the light should be subdued.

After this time, you can reduce the light daily for 30 minutes daily. In the end, the light day should be 17 hours.

Feed the geese nettle, clover, steamed hay. You can also give wheat, corn, raw vegetables, ground berries.

In this case, food should be the trough day and night. In this mode, the birds will very quickly accumulate a lot.

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