Breeding endotak at home

Breeding endotak at home

Due to the high quality of the meat endotak also called musk ducks, the desire to breed in the home is growing every year.

This is not surprising, because breeding endotak not such a difficult thing.

This bird is quite calm and quiet, its meat is not fatty, and the survival rate is considered the best.

Unlike normal ducks, the breed is growing very fast. The numbers speak for themselves: about a couple of months, the ducks can gain weight 2 to 2.5 kg.

After two months of keeping poultry is not desirable, because at the age of 70 days, the young are «activated» molt and they lose weight. In addition, begin to form new feathers, and carcasses of their stumps are difficult to remove.

Features of breeding endotak

If we talk about the benefits of breeding endotak, they are very resistant to life, unlike other pet birds. Survival from start of breeding to slaughter ranges from 95% to 100%.

The ducks do not need special conditions, it is sufficient to construct a simple shed or use another room.

The only conditions are heat, ventilation and no draughts. They grow well in regular garden plot. It is enough to install a small trough with water.

Some poultry with the appearance of a stranger begins to cry. Muscovy ducks are quiet, and discomfort from them. Birds differ unpretentiousness in food. They can be fed any food.

Have endotak edible eggs, the year the bird can lay about a hundred eggs. On average, each weighs 70 grams.

The disadvantage is that Muscovy ducks from time to time pull out my grandparents ‘ feathers. According to some experts, this is an indication of lack of nutrients in the feed. But this problem can be solved by adding herbs and vitamins to the diet.


The procedure of breeding endotak simple. You can use three ways: use an incubator, buy ducklings at a poultry farm or borrow the neighbors two ducks and a Drake.

Often in the course is the third way. As soon as spring starts to warm up, Muscovy ducks start breeding. Females incubate well in the future without assistance care for the young.

Taking advantage of the neighbor’s ducks, by the autumn will grow cold young Muscovy ducks. From this offspring, you can leave male and two or three ducks for further self-cultivation.

The socket owner must arrange and build it in early April. Nest for breeding endotak can be cut from a cardboard box. It should be spacious. On the bottom you need to put the burlap, but not synthetic fabric.

If necessary, approximately in a couple of weeks to report into the nest another two dozen eggs. Duck to handle even with double the number of Chicks.

Breeding endotak

Near you need to install a bird feeder and be sure the drinker connected with globe. Indoda mom will enjoy throughout the time of incubation.

The duck itself will teach the ducklings have, but will need to add a boiled egg, egg shell. On the second day, introduce bran and milk.

On the fifth day, you can feed the remnants of the meat, but boiled and ground. On the eleventh day give the boiled potatoes.

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