Breeding ducks at home

Breeding ducks at home

In the household of ducks began to breed for a long time.

In the modern world breeding ducks at home is no less popular. Especially when it comes to rural areas.

But if you already had a goal to raise ducks, then you first need to determine the breed.

The most popular are mute, Beijing, musky. Of course, it is best to choose a meat breed, as they are much faster growing.

You also need to consider what ducks belong to the waterfowl mind, so they need to provide a small pond.

It is possible to make a pond on the site. But if there is a nearby pond, the cost of feeding ducks is significantly reduced. Although some farmers on very well without water.

The purpose of breeding ducks

Most common breeding ducks at home do to produce eggs, feathers and meat.

As for breeding, there is need to know that every duck is able to bring about 100 eggs per season, half of which can be safely left to further growth of ducklings.

If the ducks properly feed and care, the average weight of a duck will be more than 2 kg.

Duck is so unpretentious bird, gives offspring at any temperature (above zero).

You can say more, these birds have adapted to maintain good health even at low degrees. But the birds refuse to lay eggs.

Breeding ducks

Weekly young plants need a constant temperature of 30° C and day lighting. And only the growth of young animals decreases as daylight and temperature.

It is also very important to be aware of the range of ducks. The pond will be the best solution. In that case, if the duck itself incubates the eggs, she will engage in and the range of goslings.

And if not ducks, the man needs to walk the kids. About two months with proper care ducklings gain weight two pounds.

For breeding ducks at home will need two seats. The first will contain the Chicks and in the second the adult birds.

You can’t mix geese of different ages since there is a possibility of a stampede. 1 sq m is permitted to hold up to 25 Chicks.

If the area for the number is greater, then the ducklings will be slower to gain weight.

Also ottice should be good ventilation. And although the ducks have

Breeding ducks at home

increased resistance to disease, bad ventilation birds can get sick.

Indoors or need to leave doors open, or at least every couple of days well ventilated.

You also need to think of methods of preventive maintenance. To disinfect premises, to monitor litter and drip ducklings solutions to strengthen the immune system.

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