Breeding Californian worms at home

Breeding Californian worms

Californian worm is perfect for breeding at home.

He doesn’t need special food. The worm eats organic food, so kitchen waste will be the best option.

This occupation is very profitable, because the result of breeding obtained the ecological fertilizer.

Also, because the worm propagates very quickly it can be taken for implementation in fishing shops or farms for feeding birds and animals as a protein Supplement.

Breeding Californian worms

The most popular type of worms is California. Buying individuals, you should pay attention to their color (red) and mobility.

In order that the worm used to the new food, should be left in its native substrate.

For optimal growth and development of breeding stock Californian worm, the family must be at least 1.5 thousand.

Californian worms bred in boxes, compost pits or boxes. They feed as a rule, foliage plants with straw, manure, wood chips.

You can also feed the leaves, food waste, sawdust, paper.

Substrate for worms in California:

  • 1.To moisten the compost definitely do not use chlorinated water since chlorine is a poison for worms.

Or chlorinated water should be kept for several days until the chlorine evaporates. It is recommended to use soft water after rain;

  • 2. It is impossible to use not rotted manure. The death worm is inevitable due to the fact that will begin the process of burnout and humus temperature rises to 80°C;


  • 3. Conversely, you cannot use the humus, which is more than 3 years, it will not have the properties necessary for the development of individuals.

Waste should be placed in a small group and be sure to moisturize. So they should rot in 30-90 days.

Box for Californian worms

The length of the box may be what you want. Width not more than 2 metres. This is necessary in order to ground in the box with the Californian worms can be freely flipped. The wall height of 200-300 mm

Californian worm easily gets used to any feed. But in order to experiment with food, it is better to conduct a trial move in.

Prepared for this box not put a lot of substrate and put it in there from 50 to 100 individuals.

If during the day with Californian worms nothing happened, this compost to settle and other worms.

It may happen that die about a dozen individuals. The cause of death may

Breeding Californian worms

to be excessive alkalinity or acidity.

If increased alkalinity, you can make leaves, dry grass or sawdust.

If increased acidity, it is necessary to add a small amount of chalk or lime.

Optimal criteria for breeding Californian worms will be about 80% humidity, fertilizer, temperature should be between 16 to 22°C, and the level of subsidence PH of 6.5 to 7.5.

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