Breed turkeys for breeding at home

Breeds of turkeys

Due to the fact that when raising turkeys backyard birds grow mainly on green forages, their breeding is considered a very profitable occupation.

An adult can reach up to 40 kg, and such products in the market is very much appreciated.

The meat is very tasty, juicy and soft.

It contains the highest percentage of protein, so that meat is indispensable for athletes. Moreover, it is well absorbed and applies to dietary category.

From your selection of the breed of turkeys depends on the success of the business. Following are the most popular varieties.

Breed for breeding turkeys

Bronze chested. The greatest weight of a Turkey is about 14 kg turkeys up to 8 kg. Masonry is roughly 120 eggs in a year.

Moscow white. Perfectly adapted to any climate region. Performance high. Male instances have weight up to 13 kg, while females are less than half.

Egg production per year is up to 100 pieces, and the female of this breed of turkeys begin laying eggs as early as 6 months, but you need to arrange for the appropriate care.

The North Caucasus bronze. The plumage is bronze. The head is painted in dark red color. To breed these birds is not difficult.

Weight category male up to 14 kg, females up to 7 kg Turkey begins to lay eggs in 9 months. The number of eggs in a year, there are about 80 pieces.

Victoria. The difference between this breed turkeys lies in the possibility of growing in a cage and freely. The adult male is gaining weight up to 25 kg, the female up to 11 kg. to About 4 months, the bird has a weight under 6 kg, manufacturer of 10 kg.

Black Tikhoretsk. The plumage is black with a beautiful sheen in the tail. The male has a mass of 10 kg, females 4 to 5 kg With a carcass of meat turns out to 60%.

Egg production is up to 90 eggs per year. The female broods the Chicks and continues to look after the brood.

White the North Caucasus. The plumage is white. Adult gobbler this breed has a weight of from 12 to 15 g, and a Turkey half. Egg laying about 160 eggs per year.

North Caucasian silver. The plumage is silvery. Turkey is gaining weight up to 16 kg to 7 kg. Turkey To ten months, the female starts laying eggs. For the year egg production up to 110 pieces.

Cross the BIG 6. A distinctive feature of this breed of turkeys is rapid growth and high performance. Birds belong to the «heavyweights». The male can reach 22 kg, female up to 11 kg.

To five months with proper care, the bird can weigh up to 7 kg At the age of 100 days turkeys cease to grow. At this time the birds are ready for slaughter.

Cross Universal. An adult gobbler is the average weight of 18 kg, 12 kg. Turkey Egg production no more than 70 pieces. In four months the calves can weigh more than 6 kg.

Breeds of turkeys

Canadian broiler chested. Intensive feeding guarantees a record weight. The male of this breed can weigh up to 30 kg, the Female weighs half of it. To three months, the bird is gaining weight and growth is slowing.

Uzbek fawn. The plumage is brown-red. An adult gobbler weighs up to 10 kg, turkeys 6 kg. up To 16 weeks the weight of the young plants can reach 4 kg. Egg production is not high.

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