Breed indotek – names and description

Breed endotak

This kind of Indo-ducks called ducks because they were grown by American Indians.

Subsequently, she was given the name of a musky, due to the fact that in the region of the beak is a build-up of which produces the smell of musk.

But how many are there rocks endotak?

In fact endotak breeds very little. And the differences are not significant. And yet with regard to species, the birds are divided on the basis of the pen color.

Ducks are black, white, brown and black with white wings and brown with white spots. In some farms it is possible to meet fawn.

The colours of the plumage endotak not to say that there is a cross with other birds. So we can safely say that ducks do not have a solid pedigree.

In Russia often grow brown breed indolic or black and white. They are the representatives of Europe.

In black-and-white breed and the eyes are yellow, legs yellow. Neck, chest and head «littered with» white specks. As for the white breed, it is in the household almost grown.

Feathers of white color, yellowing does not even hint. The beak is pale pink to the edges even lighter. Grey eyes with blue.

Brown breed endotak has a bright red beak. They are called «Muscovy ducks are red». The feathers are dyed in a chocolate color, and the edge of the tail has a painted mark. Black ducks eyes and beak are brown.

Rare, but possible to meet endotak with blue color, the beak is painted black, and eyes of chocolate. The so-called «field» breed is also the place to be. They are also called «wild». The feathers are painted in several shades.

Beijing breed very quickly gaining weight. She is not afraid of the cold winters. This duck is long, large, wide head. The frontal part is slightly raised.

The beak is orange, a little bend, a little. Feet low, volume, bright orange, located in the rear of the case. The eyes are large, dark-blue. The neck is not long and dense.

The Indian runners. The presence of meat production, this breed can not boast, but the number of eggs laid Yes – approximately 200 pieces per season.

They are excellent for crossing with representatives of the meat breed so they are better raced. Birds have a long neck, stands almost vertically.

Legs red, too long. The torso is elongated, narrowed. Wings tightly folded to the body. Color red, white, black and speckled.

Breed endotak hybrids

Some breeders crossed endotak with the Peking breed, the result is a hybrid breed molardi. The advantage of this crossing is a much greater weight than that of Beijing.

The explanation is simple – the musk duck weighs up to 8 kg, and the Beijing female half. Molardi grow very quickly, but they are sterile. They are grown mainly for producing very tasty and tender liver.

Breed endotak

Breed endotec can also be divided into domesticated and wild. Domestic ducks during the year the demolition of about 150 eggs, weighing up to 70 grams.

Wild ducks are more egg production, since one batch can be 3-5 pieces in contrast to the home.

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