Breed ducks for household

Parody Jock

Some people think that the ducks contain unprofitable, they say, they eat a lot, make noise and basically not economic.

We can say with full confidence that they are wrong.

So, ducks love to eat, but they grow very quickly.

After two months the bird can weigh more than 2 kg.

But if there is a nearby pond, farming becomes even more economical, although in this case the birds are gaining weight is somewhat longer.

Breed ducks

Varieties of ducks like chickens, as are also divided into egg breeds, meat-egg and meat.

Alanoca breed ducks

Ducks of this breed to give eggs for a whole year. One difference from other species is light weight.

Indian runner. Perhaps this is the only breed that gives lots of eggs. The bird has a very pleasant meat, but, nevertheless, a distinctive character is the egg production.

In the winter the ducks need to give warmth. During the year, the bird brings up to 200 pieces of eggs. But there are record-holders who can produce up to 350 pieces.

Meat-egg breeds of duck

Mirror breed. The average duck weighs up to 3, 200 gr, Drake from 3, 000 to 3, 800 gr. During the year the duck brings to 160 eggs, with the emergence of juveniles was observed in 80%.

The young are very sturdy and saved 95 %. This breed of ducks in about 60 days weight up to 2, 550 kg

Saxon breed. Adult duck has a mass of no more than 3, 100 g, and Drake weighs up to 3, 500 g, while egg production up to two hundred pieces, and the weight of eggs 80 gr.

Breed Cayuga. Drake is gaining weight up to 3, 800 gr, and the duck no more than 3, 100 gr. Cayuga duck for the year, brings up to 150 eggs.

Interestingly, the first 10 eggs are black in color, but after a short time they fade and acquire a grayish or greenish with white spots color.

Meat breed ducks

Beijing. Maximum weight in ducks roughly 3, 600 gr. Such weight, they have been up to two months. Eggs Peking duck brings little, but it kompensiruet great meat forms.

Moscow white. This breed of ducks with his body type resembles the previous one. The average weight of a duck is not more than 3, 300 g, and Drake to 3, 550 gr.

Also, a positive aspect is egg production, which amounts to 150 pieces, and the weight of one of the eggs — 90 gr.

Musky breed. The name of the bird was named for the characteristic musky odor that comes out during the breeding season. These ducks do not live with other breeds.

Parody Jock

They are pretty quiet, except emit a hiss, because of this, and dubbed them mute. Ducks don’t need a pond, they are not whimsical to the feed.

Drake has a weight of up to 4, 500 grams, but duck up to 2, 500 gr. During the year the duck brings up to 120 eggs. Meat of this breed of duck is very tasty and tender.

It is important to know that the mute can fly, so they need an indoor enclosure, or you can cut the length of the wings.

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