Brahea — care at home


Among the trees grown in the rooms of the home and greenhouses, common brahea, which refers to the fan palm trees and occurs from Mexico and the southern United States.

The plant has thickened at the bottom of the trunk and fan-like leaves growing from the top of the barrel.

The peculiarity of this palm tree – silver color of its leaves.

Growing brahea

 Location and lighting

This plant feels great in very Sunny areas and in partial shade. However, in the heat of summer it is advisable to avoid direct sunlight on the palm.

So it grew evenly, the pot must be periodically rotated to ensure the tip of the young leaf looked inside the room. In summer, brahea you can stand on a balcony, or taken to a suburban area.


Brahea undemanding to certain temperature conditions, but the most comfortable for her temperature 20-25°C, in winter it can withstand low temperatures up to 4 degrees.

Watering and humidity

Throughout the year, this plant requires moderate watering. Desirable to prevent drying of the soil or too abundantly watered.

Humidity should not be too low. To maintain a sufficient level, it is necessary to periodically spray the plant and wipe the leaves with a damp sponge.


Fertilizing with organic and mineral fertilizers needed in the period of intensive growth and flowering from April to September.

For this purpose, the liquid compositions intended for palms, fit and universal feeding for decorative-deciduous plants. Fertilize the plant twice a month.

Transplantation and propagation

Brake does not require frequent transplanting. Enough to carry out this procedure every 2 years, each time increasing the volume of the pot.

The most gentle for the root system, the method of transplantation – handling. For handling this plant, you can use a ready substrate for palm, or combine leafy, grassy land and sand (ratio 2:2:1).

The reproduction is made with the help of seeds. Most ready-to-similarity are considered as seeds in 8-16 weeks after maturing.

They need to be soaked for half an hour at a growth stimulator, then 12 hours to put in warm water with the addition of fungicidal agents.

Prepared seeds are planted in soil composed of peat, humus and sawdust until germination keep a film at a temperature of 28-32°C.

Pests and fight with them

Bracey can affect indoor pests: spider mite or mealybug. They point to the emergence of small insects, spider veins, yellowing of leaves, stunting.

To get rid of parasites, the plant is wiped with a swab dipped in soapy water, and treated with special means, for example, aktellik.

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