Bracken — care at home


Bracken is the most common type of fern.

It belongs to the family parisovich.

This is one of the big ferns.

Leaves of bracken is very similar to the wings of a great bird, hence the name.

It grows in dry pine and coniferous forests, glades, forest edges. Can reach a height of 1 meter.

Bracken is used as an ornamental garden plant. It stands up well to moisture and dry soil. He needs a light soil and open bright space.

Solid and dense leaves of the bracken have a smell and secrete a sweet fluid that the bees collect.

Bracken at home — tips on care

 Location and lighting

Transplanted bracken survives very poorly. But if well cared for, very much growing. In the garden it planted at a distance of 60cm. In autumn the fern is cut at a height of 20-25cm.

The roots are well covered with peat or sawdust. It does not freeze and will better retain nutrients.

Bracken at home needs bright diffused light. If the lighting is poor, the fern loses its leaves. And the direct rays of light, leaves get burn. Summer make good plant in the garden, and in winter in the room.


Bracken stand t 20-25°C and at t 10°C the plant rots. Resistant to room temperature.

Watering and humidity

Watering the fern at home abundantly warm. Water it always, and only when growth slows, reduce watering. Water need to be defended. Spray the leaves. A good way to maintain moisture is the second pot.

In the outer pot that has no holes, is inserted into the container with the plant. And the free space between the pots filled with peat and watered always.

This method not only retains moisture, but also protects against temperature changes. To the bracken was lush, it is better to fertilize in the spring once in two weeks. If the leaves become pale, then fertilizer is not enough.

Transplantation and propagation

Transplant the fern you need, if the roots fill the container. If not, it is enough to replace the top layer of soil. Planting should be shallow, as well as before the transplant.

Bracken multiply in various ways: brood buds, root suckers, which are planted in a separate pot. Some species reproduce by spores. For the rapid development of the roots, well cover the plant with plastic film.

Pests and fight with them

Like other types Portnikov, bracken affected schitovkoy. It appears on the back of the sheet. It can be removed with a brush with soapy water.

Bracken - care at home

Bracken is the food plant. Food suitable young shoots rahisi – Central vein with the stem. They are collected in early spring when leaves have not yet blossomed.

Earlier, in New Zealand and America, from the roots of bracken make bread. In Japan, singled out the paste from the starch powder, mixed it with the juice of persimmon and thanks to this additive, paper became waterproof.

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