Bowie — care at home


Bowie – a plant of the Lily family, the most suitable for lovers of exotic.

Often used to create interesting compositions with other plants.

The bulb, which in winter grows long, curly, branching stems, half located on the surface of the earth.

In the spring of stems covered by small leaves the size of about a millimeter and green flowers.

The cultivation of Bowie

 Location and lighting

Bowiea grows best in a well lit room, but direct sunlight brings bad, as the thin stems and leaves may appear burned.

A flowerpot can be put on a stand or Cabinet, then the branches will droop down; to take a standing position, in the period of active growth they need support in the form of ladders or wire.


Bowiea it does best at moderate temperatures around +20-22 degrees during active growth optimum temperature conditions up to +26°C, in addition, it tolerates temperatures below +12°C in winter.

Watering and humidity

Almost the whole year the plant needs moderate watering. Special attention is necessary only in the winter months before the advent of the stems – the soil should always be moist.

When the leaves and flowers die off, watering should be significantly reduced or stop completely – for the flower begins a rest period. The level of humidity the plant is not demanding, so spraying is almost not needed.


Often to feed this plant does not need. Periodically (after 2 months) to add to the soil standard is not too concentrated mineral fertilizers.

Transplantation and propagation

Transplant bowiea requires when bulb grow «babies». When they get crowded, flower transplanted using a lightweight soil mix consisting of two parts leaf soil and one part loam, and sand.

Transplanting a plant, you need to pay attention to the presence of good drainage, since the stagnant water that the roots can sour.

Propagation this plant is «baby», which are formed on the bulb. They are separated from the parent bulb and planted in the ground. Before planting, the soil these processes can some time be stored in a cool, dark place.

If after flowering, the plant produces a box with the seeds, it can be sown on a damp soil surface.

While seeds will not germinate, the pot kept under glass, providing enough light and high humidity.

Pests and fight with them

With proper care, this plant is rarely attacked by pests, in case of an attack of insects using conventional insecticides.

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