Bow tiered — planting and care

tiered bow care

Many gardeners grow at his dacha many years of Luke in order to get the herbs onions in early spring.

Most often found the Welsh onion.

Meanwhile, there is another bow and begins to grow early greens and it is much tastier than the feathers of a Welsh onion.

This stacked bow.

Moreover, food from this bow can be used not only green leaves but also small bulblets that appear on it in the middle of summer.

Interesting development and growth of this species of onion.

In early spring (early Welsh) from the ground shoots appear pale green color. They grow quickly, and after some time on the table to gather the first harvest of greens.

The taste of these feathers slightly sharp and is much more gentle than other types. If you want to propagate the onions, leave part of the plant intact: do not remove the leaves from them.

After a while you will see how from the middle of the Bush will pop out powerful stalk, and on it appear the outlet of little bulblets. Such outlets on the same plant may be several.

Over time, the bulbs increase in size. When the stem, which hold bulbs begins to turn yellow, it is time to collect seed material (onions).

They are dried at the right time planted directly into the ground. And you can even keep them for planting next year, choosing a place for storage with a temperature of zero to minus one degree.

Tiered onions can be grown through sowing seeds, but easier still to propagate bulbs-babies. This should be done in mid-August.

Put the onion to a depth of from three to five inches, depending on its size. Note that the Bush bow over time, some will grow, so when planting you need to plant the plants at a distance of twenty centimetres from each other.

If your bushes Luke had grown quickly, they can be divided into several parts, each part to seat separately.

It is not necessary to grow onions on the same place for more than five years. During this time, in the soil appear diseases typical for this culture and breed pests. In addition, the soil is depleted of some

stacked onion - cultivation

trace elements.

To increase the yield of stacked onion, it needs at least twice per season to feed complete mineral fertilizer. For all bows not to apply fresh manure.

Well, like all bows, stacked loves abundant watering. But the stagnate water to avoid rotting of the plant.

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