Bougainvillea — care at home


This creeping shrub, and, in some cases it is a small tree, French name was given in honor of Explorer Louis Bougenvilla.

Once, during the circumnavigation found this beautiful wild plant in South America, naturalist, Cameron.

Often adorns Pawlowski greenhouses and winter gardens in suburban areas.

The growers have at their disposal today, several varieties of this plant, grows well in the indoor environment.

Growing bougainvillea

At home, the plant must be placed taking into account the fact that it likes bright light, but preference should be given to ambient, as direct sunlight is detrimental to him.

Although homeland and South America, but the plant prefers moderate temperatures in the summer somewhere +20-25°C and much lower in winter, +12-16 degrees.

If you want you can take out the plant on the balcony, on the air, but remember that it doesn’t like drafts.

With proper care for 7-8 months, Bougainvilleas can please you with its colors rich.

This houseplant requires serious attention to watering. In the summer, in the morning settled abundantly watered with warm water, the excess that is collected in the pan, immediately pour.

Also recommended to periodically wash the leaves. Likes moist air, not opposed to spraying on hot days.

In winter, watering is limited as the drying of the substrate. The plant requires fertile soil with a slight acidity, it is a substrate of equal parts of turf, humus earth and necessarily coarse river sand. It requires good drainage.

Fertilize the plant in early spring need complex mineral fertilizers once in 10 days, and from may all summer fertilizer with a predominance of phosphorus and potassium.

Transplant the flower every 4-5 years, young specimens – 2-3 years. When you cannot destroy the rhizome earth com.

Reproduction is semilignified apical cuttings. Rooting of cuttings of these demands diffused light and warm soil, 25 degrees, so sometimes you have to heat the bottom of the pot.

Sometimes the top build something like a mini-greenhouse, covering it with a jar.

Pests and fight with them

Bougainvillea plant is steady enough, rarely affected by pests, of which it is necessary to mention spider mites and aphids.

During flowering it is advisable to hold weekly routine inspection. With the appearance of the parasites is carried out in alcohol treatment, with a strong infection treated with a solution of insecticide Aktara, at the rate of 4 gr. funds for 5L. of water.

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