Bookmark compost pile

the compost coop

Bookmark the compost pile should not be held by all the rules.

Our task is to create favorable conditions for waste decomposition and the rate of earthworms and microorganisms contribute to the flows of the processes.

In this case, guaranteed to make good compost, suitable for fertilizing, mulching and biofuels.

Under the compost pile is selected shaded and wind-protected place. It is important that the grass is not dried up and decomposed. A bookmark can start in any period, from early spring to late autumn.

Depending on the amount of material to compost, composting can or on the surface of the soil, or dig a hole to a depth of 1m.

The optimum pile height and a width of about 1.5 m Length, respectively, may be different. This is the optimal size for the creation of conditions for reproduction of bacteria actively involved in decomposition process.

At larger sizes due to the lack of oxygen, will be rotting.

A compost pile with your hands

Compost pile stacked layers interspersed small branches with grass and food waste, height 15cm.

Each layer is sprinkled with earth, with the addition of manure, the thickness of the 5 Layers stacked up to five feet, and the top cover with straw or boards.

Added small branches will provide air circulation, so necessary for the decomposition. If the weather is dry the compost pile should be periodically wet, with abundant rainfall, the opposite to cover.

It is very important to keep the compost slightly moist. When excessive moisture is supplied enough air, in consequence of which, starts rotting.

To improve the compost and accelerate its readiness, it is possible 1 time per week to water slurry. It creates conditions for activities of microorganisms and bacteria.

As materials for laying the compost pile with his own hands well suited finely chopped twigs, leaves, grass, vegetable waste, manure, bird droppings.

In any case, you cannot add infected diseases of plants, especially Phytophthora, rotten vegetables and fruits, food waste of animal origin.

Finished compost is brown, crumbly, slightly moist. All vegetable


components do not have their original structure and easily crumbled by hand.

The top layer is usually not completely decomposed and is used for loading of fresh compost pile.

Compost as a fertilizer can be used at any time of the season, mulching the beds.

Besides, he is an excellent biofuel for greenhouses and polytunnels.

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