Boilers for home heating — types and descriptions

Boiler for home heating

By their dream of construction of a private house, somewhere in the green area should take care of his heating.

Today, these goals have increasingly begun to use the gas boilers have several advantages over other types of boilers both electric and solid fuel.

However, the possibility of their installation and use is directly dependent on the supply of the gas heating system in the home location.

Electric boilers

When the organization of a private house heating need to install a compact unit, which weight is small, and quiet operation, the best choice can be an electric boiler, with a medium power.

However, such a device requires the connection of three-phase and heated living space with its use will come cheap. Besides myself and the boiler compared to a gas counterpart has a higher cost.


A significant advantage of this type of heating using the solid fuel boiler independence from centralized heating systems.


With the use of a solid fuel boiler can be carried out heating of the building, even if it is located among forests.

The principle of its work is, however, the gas option to heat the water in the heating pipes with a flame obtained by burning any type of solid fuel (coal, wood, peat).

However, this type of heating requires constant assurance and the replenishment of the fuel reserve which besides the billet should have a place for storage and temporary storage.

Because the heating system for private homes using solid fuel boilers still hold the palm among all the possible ways of heating it is possible to consider more details that will help when you need it to make the right choice.

Steel or cast iron

Choosing a boiler for the arrangement of heating in a private home, first and foremost out of the advantages of the material of its manufacture pros and cons to consider before buying it.

Boiler steel

Steel boilers have a certain demand in the market due to its low cost and low weight. However, please note that their service life is short and only from one to fifteen years, because the material is susceptible to corrosion.

The boiler is made of cast iron

Cast iron boilers are also longtime regulars of the construction market, which over time has lost none of its popularity. Their main advantage can be considered as a durability that allows you to operate the unit not less than fifty years.

This is possible due to the fact that cast iron is virtually impossible the destructive ability of fire as in the case of boiler steel. In addition is a cast-iron boiler will contribute to more efficient fuel consumption due to its heat capacity.

The disadvantage is its considerable complexity and high cost of the heating device.

Varieties of types of devices

In addition, solid fuel boilers differ in material they are also divided into categories according to the type of device to which they refer and the type of fuel used.

Boiler direct combustion

This is one of the oldest fuel device solid fuel of the character, which is relevant to this day. Its functionality is provided by coal and firewood.

With enough fuel, the boiler can operate autonomously, without requiring an additional energy source.

Gasification Boiler pyrrolidinyl

High efficiency features this kind of heating unit, which is practical and economical to operate. As fuel for its operation are used firewood.

The boiler has the unique ability to operate without soot formation on the walls of the smoke passages, because it does not emit smoke and soot. This is achieved through the combustion of wood gases during the combustion of fuel.

Pellet Boiler

These boilers operate exclusively on fuel briquettes, which are made by the pressing plant waste, peat and wood-based materials referred to as pellets.

However, this is the only acceptable fuel for this type of device. However, pellet aggregates has acquired considerable popularity among consumers since working on the automation that eliminates the constant monitoring of the combustion in the boiler.

Boiler universal

For this unit you can use virtually any fuel. They usually exploit the unchanged or converted to suit your needs, opting for a more comfortable style. For example, replace the burners.

Heating of private houses, this type of boiler is used infrequently. Basically, they

Boilers for home heating

used to heat large areas of production facilities.

In one word, solid fuel boiler has been and remains one of the most suitable technical solutions for heating private homes.

With its use there is no need to resort to the use of heat from electricity in places that do not have gas supply.

In addition such a heating device is quite safe for humans and the environment.

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