Blueberry garden planting and growing

lahina garden

Not so long ago the garden blueberries, among lovers gardeners not enjoyed great popularity and was considered an exotic plant.

Since then much has changed, and in recent years this culture increasingly began to meet on our cottages.

This shrub, though not fussy, but still better results can be achieved if you choose a suitable variety for your region and provide proper care.

And we must begin with the selection of a favorable place to grow a garden of blueberries.

For the majority of Russian regions the best will be winter-hardy varieties with a short vegetation period.

Among the early maturing first place is «Chanticleer». But «Chandler» has the largest fruit.

A sort of «Dennis blue» has a great yield. Besides these garden varieties of blueberries have good frost resistance.

As mentioned above, this berry crop needs fertile soil, namely in acidic peat.

Therefore, before planting, you need to prepare a place for it. If the soil in your yard does not meet the requirements, then fine, but if not, then the seedlings raspberry prepare special holes.

If you don’t want to lose in vain time and to destroy the seedlings, do better, as expected. These pits should be larger than usual.

Their depth is about 60-65cm, width 80-85cm. Then they are filled with a mixture of poorly decomposed peat, sawdust and garden soil (7:2,5:0,5).

It turns out about 6 buckets on a single planting hole. You can optionally add a comprehensive fertilizer.

For planting and growing garden blueberry plants out of 2 — 3 yrs, with a height of 35cm.

The roots of seedlings should be a solid lump like felt. Plants with brittle and dry root system for planting are not suitable.

Gardeners who have a country station located on peat soils, to improve

lahina garden

structure it is desirable to make every square meter of planting 1 bucket of compost, 200g. wood ash and 45-50g. superphosphate.

Then dig over the plot with a bayonet spade. In the prepared holes, pour 10 liters. of water then gently put the seedlings garden of blueberries into 6-7cm below the old growth plants.

The roots must be spread, cover with substrate and a little pin around. Again to water.

Strong seedlings of blueberry, with a good root system, the ground portion can not be shortened.

Weak plants for better rooting and accelerate the development of the upper part are cut to a height of 20-25cm. not below.

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