Blueberry garden. Planting and care

Lahina fit first eye

If you decide to plant in the garden blueberries, then you will have to fulfill few important conditions, without which the plant will not grow and bear fruit steadily.

Blueberry garden — planting

1. The soil in which to grow raspberry Bush should be acidic (pH 3.5-5.0).

Since such acidity is detrimental to most vegetable and fruit crops, blueberries will need to allocate a separate area and to prepare a special soil.

2. For the weak, superficial root system of the blueberry is very important that the soil was water — and breathable.

The ideal option would be sand or acid peat and soil from a pine forest.

If the site is located in an area with clay soil, you can arrange a special mound for planting blueberries.

3. In the wild blueberry prefers shaded areas in the woods. But in the garden she will need to provide sufficient solar illumination.

4. Blueberry garden grows to 2 m tall, so can greatly be affected by cold winter winds.

When choosing a place to plant a Bush, make sure that it was closed from the wind the North.

5. Blueberries were first grown in the swamps so it needs to provide sufficient amount of moisture.

Watering should be carried out 2 times a day to the upper layer of soil was moist all the time. However, the soil should be ventilated to prevent rotting.

Features landing

Depending on the type of soil on the site, the blueberries can be planted in special wells or on an unmade bed.

If the soil is well ventilated, there is no stagnation of water, the groundwater does not rise above 80 cm from the surface of the earth, planting the Bush in a specially prepared pit.

It assumes depth of about 40 cm, the diameter of the hole – 1-1.2 m. the walls of the well vystelite film (the bottom film to lay don’t!).

Then the well is filled with previously prepared acidified soil. Bush pre-soaked in water for half an hour.

After planting the plants root collar should be at a depth of 10 cm the Soil is slightly trampled around the trunk and watering is carried out.

If the plot of clay soil or high groundwater, blueberry garden should be planted on the ridge. For this trench width of 1 m to remove the top layer (about 10 cm).

His place is filled with a special soil (sphagnum or peat moss with the addition of river sand).

Formed a small hill on top of which is planted the Bush. Such a comb can be arranged in the form of a children’s sandbox.

Care of blueberries

If all of the requirements for the arrangement of the soil was observed, in another blueberry completely unpretentious. Watering it twice a day.

The water should be pre-podkalivat (for example, pour 1 tsp vinegar or oxalic acid for every 3 liters of water).

To protect plants from fungal diseases of blueberry have to spray fungicides (for example, preparations «phytodoctor» or «Trichoderma»).

Spraying is best done in the spring during Bud break. To protect

lahina garden planting the first eye

blueberries from winter frosts, it is necessary before frost bend to the ground.

Locking branch can be special arcs, having them criss-cross.

To hide the Bush is better non-woven fabrics or sacking.

If the winter promises to be very cold, it can additionally cover the plant with spruce or pine branches.

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