BlackBerry raspberry — planting and care

BlackBerry raspberry

Malino-BlackBerry hybrid is worthy of its place among other cultures in our country.

And there is no wonder then, BlackBerry raspberries are healthy, delicious and absolutely easy to maintain, easy to propagate.

Plus this berry to gather a pleasure, because the fruits are quite large.

They usually have an elongated shape, and the weight rarely exceeds 10g.

One of the first hybrid varieties, which are still in great demand among gardeners is «Loganberry», despite the fact that he is more than 130 years.

Attracts hybrid to a delicious fruit, high yield and almost complete lack of undergrowth.

Generally raspberry BlackBerry has many different hybrid varieties, among which any gardener, something will pick up on your taste.

The cultivation of raspberry and BlackBerry

Seedlings of BlackBerry raspberry are planted at a distance of not less than 1.5 m from each other. After planting, carry out pruning of the shoots, leaving them with a maximum height of 25cm, followed by abundant watering.

The soil around the seedling, it is recommended to mulch with sawdust, humus or nutrient peat.

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Soil mulching significantly increases the moisture supply of plants, improves the structure of the top layer of soil, and most importantly prevents the growth of weeds.

Since the growth of BlackBerry raspberry, there is a need to build a trellis height of 1.3÷1.5 m Without it to get a good full crop will be almost impossible. Plants just need support.

Bushes as needed to feed organic or mineral fertilizers. The best feeding for the first 3 years are the fertilizers with nitrogen and potassium.

Remember that fertilizers, which includes active nitrogen have to make in the spring, and potash in the fall, phosphorus in the late summer or autumn.

How to carry out the dressing, you can read the article by clicking on the link.

In fertilizing plants older than 3 years of age include organic fertilizers based on 1m2 2kg superphosphate (15g), potassium salt (15g).

BlackBerry raspberry - fit first eye

In the fall after harvest, pruning is carried out BlackBerry raspberry. Cut all the shoots and damaged shoots.

Young carefully removed from the trellis, gently laid on the ground and covered for the winter with sawdust, dry leaves or other covering material.

With good insulation plants are guaranteed to survive even frosty winters.

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