Black rot of fruit trees

Black rot of trees

A dangerous fungal disease of fruit trees the black cancer that affects mainly Apple and pear.

It develops quickly and can kill a tree in just three or four years.

The risk of developing black rot (also known as gangrene) are more affected by trees that grow in areas where there are drastic temperature change of the air spring.

The fungus that is the causative agent of the disease affects virtually the entire aboveground part of tree: trunk, boughs, fruit, leaves. It overwinters in infected parts of the tree – the bark, branches or trunk.

The first signs of infection black rot is sunken spots on the bark of the tree, which are of a dirty purple or brown with red tint color.

They gradually grow, bark blackens, there is a RAID similar to the soot (that is why people called the disease «gangrene»).

Such parts of the cortex burst, peel, paint. Under the damaged bark, the fungus continues to grow, affecting the internal layers of a tree trunk. The plant stops growing and dies.

With the defeat of the black rot of the leaves of the trees, they appear reddish spot in the Central part, which will eventually expand. Leaf turns brown, dries up and fall off prematurely.

Gangrene can also touch the fruit trees. In them the disease manifests itself black rot, which appears under the skin, gradually expanding and covering virtually the whole fruit. Most often, black rot affects ripe fruit, much less the ovary.

Causes of black cancer

Black rot is not in vain called the disease of a weakened tree. Strong plants, even if they have been touched by the disease, it is able to cure itself.

Weakened trees need extra protection. Heaviest black cancer tend Apple trees that grow on heavy, waterlogged soils.

In addition, trees that have undergone seasonal attacks of aphids, are also at risk.

Methods of dealing with the black cancer

1. Properly organize agriculture garden.

  • — Regular watering of fruit trees;
  • — To fertilize the soil and take care of the spacing;
  • — Perform timely tree pruning, avoid excessive fruiting;
  • — Twice (in the period of blooming of leaves and making buds) spray the trees against pests;
  • — Before wintering and in spring be sure the white trunks of lime trees.

2. Sanitary-preventive measures for black rot.

  • — Do not procrastinate the cleaning of the garden after Stripping away the diseased trees. Immediately burn the felled branches, trees, fallen leaves and diseased measles were removed from the trunks.
  • — Add a solution for whitewashing trunks of trees copper salt.

3. Treatment of diseased trees.

The treatment may be effective only for those trees where the affected areas

black rot of fruit trees

not too large.

It is to ensure that cleaning is carried out the patient zone with a knife, grabbing a healthy layer of 1 cm in depth.

Then cleaned place disinfected with 2% solution of copper sulfate and smeared garden pitch. Then just watch the tree.

If lesions are black rot persists, it is wise to destroy the tree.

4. To prevent infection of the tree black rot, apply a fungicide that is also effective against such diseases as monilia, scab and some other diseases.

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