Black leg measures


Blackleg – a disease of which the causative agent is a fungus.

It affects the seedlings of many vegetable crops, causing growers a big problem.

The disease begins at the stage of sprouts from seeds or seedlings.

Especially high probability of occurring greenhouse or greenhouse conditions, since the causative agent – the fungus is very well distributed in areas with high humidity, where the temperature is raised, and the poor lighting persists in the soil on plant residues or seeds until the next season.

Also, be sure to test the acidity of soil because of the increased rate contributes to the development of the disease.

Most often blackleg infects plants of the cabbage family or other cruciferous plants is cabbage, cauliflower, kohlrabi, tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, rutabaga and others.

Improper care and advanced disease, possible massive loss of seedlings.

Black leg is the formation of brown spots on the stalk closer to the root, resulting in shrinkage and constriction, the leaves turn yellow, the plant wilts.

Contributes to disease dense stands of sprouts, as well as late picks or thinning seedlings.

Black leg measures

To avoid the formation of black legs is required, before seeding, to take some action. Try to remove all remnants of last year’s plantings, it is good to prepare and process the topsoil.

Disinfection can be accomplished by treatment of the soil with boiling water, at least twice, before planting seeds or seedlings. Assistants will also be potassium permanganate, ash, lime, or colloidal sulphur, which prevents the formation and progression of the disease.

You can also use dry sand, pouring it to the plants with a layer of 2 cm, which gives the effect of drying of soil and the possibility of formation of additional roots.

Performing swordplay, plantations thinned, it is also necessary to control the temperature and humidity,

Black leg measures

to not have been raised, especially in the greenhouse and home. Help timely ventilation of the premises.

If signs of black legs is required to remove diseased plants, taking part of the near set, to avoid contaminating the whole batch.

Important is that when planting seedlings in peat pots, plastic cups or a special landing magazine the risk of plant diseases blackleg becomes much lower, almost zero.

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