Birdhouse with his hands


In Russia since ancient times was very fond of birds, settling in the neighborhood of human settlements, they are considered God’s messengers and good tidings.

In the modern world among truckers against the crows, thieving magpie, the noisy rooks, and some prey species are not friendly, they can cause significant damage to farm and crops.

Conversely, small species of birds that delight us with their singing, diligently destroying harmful insects, and delight the eye with their vanity and thriftiness.Many people make birdhouses with their hands.

To install on your country site of mass settlement for birds is not necessary – everything should be in natural conditions.

When building a birdhouse, make the top removable cover, for reproduction in it of parasites (fleas, ticks), birds may not settle, so after every tenants need to remove the house from there, shake and pour over boiling water. After that we can expect new tenants.

Birdhouse with his hands (dimensions, drawings)


We need:Boards any species (except pine), not necessarily planed. The thickness is preferably at least 20mm., nails not less than 40mm., and protection of the tree.

Hacksaw or electric jig saw, hammer, paintbrush, pencil, ruler and a drill with a nozzle for holes (50-60mm).

Draw on paper drawing of the future bird house. The approximate size of the birdhouse:the Bottom 100-150mm. (inner size), the wall is 300-350mm., distance from the hole to the bottom 150-200mm. The visor should be not less than 50mm.

Cut all the necessary parts in size. The Board for the anterior wall of the hole of the hole.

In the joints of the walls, fill the nails so they are a bit out. Next, assemble the birdhouse, consistently nailing every wall to the bottom wall.

The cap nail, it must remain removable. After that, the birdhouse can be covered with a protective solution on wood or latex paint (no smell).

To attach the birdhouse can be on any deciduous tree, upright, to a height of 3 meters.

Very well, if he’s going to have a slight forward tilt, small Chicks, it will be easier to get out.

Generally for different types of bird houses are slightly different in size, a little smaller Tits, Wagtails, in front it is desirable to make the perch.

Drawings and dimensions of the birdhouse:

drawings and dimensions of the birdhouse

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