Biotoilet for cottages

a composting toilet for cottage

Toilet, one of the main and priority issues when purchasing a garden plot, each gardener solves it differently.

Options may be several: a stand-alone septic tank, house pit latrine and a composting toilet.

The truth is still found option with a bucket, but that’s only if completely for the first time.

Biotoilet for cottages

Seriously, the last time in the life of vacationers comes with a device called a composting toilet. For garden varieties, not so much, but that didn’t matter.

There are two main types, stationary ventilation system, electrical connection and mobile, which, together with other valuable things to take back to the winter home or garage. We will talk about portable toilets for the garden.

The stand-alone model from the «Porta Potti» Dutch production is quite suitable for the garden. Works without water and electricity and sewage.

All toilets in this series consist of a vessel with clean water with the seat and tank for collection of human waste.

Weight about 5 kg, the dimensions are a little different, but on average, 40×40 cm, side parts and 35-50 cm height. There is a convenient carrying handle.

These toilets and the like other manufacturers so compact that you choose the room to accommodate them will not be difficult. Perfect for a small family and don’t often stay in the country, very convenient especially for the first time.

The principle of operation is very simple, is wash water into the receiving tank where chemical treatment of the faeces. As the filling capacity, it can be removed and put to the place of utilization.

Back to chemical treatment, in fact, the miracles of the splitting of waste will not occur

a composting toilet for cottage

if you do not add a special solution in the lower compartment biotoilet for cottages.

In some severe cases, it would be wise to add liquid deodorant into the tank for flushing.

Let’s move on to more serious models of toilets and consider the example of the Swedish company «Separett».

These structures are equipped with ventilation and heating, liquid waste is washed away in a home-sewage, and feces remain in the container and dried.

Comfort on the face, does not require chemical solutions, heat, read a magazine or plan for the future.

All of course depends on the person, but experts estimate that one will last for 3-4 months.

For connection of the toilets in the country need electricity, takes about 0.3 kilowatts per day. Cost is of course more expensive than the previous and dismantle these models to take home more difficult.

Toilets for cottages of domestic production, such as «Contact» is made on the principle of pouring sawdust and peat.

That is, the capacity under waste, which after use, at the request of the person served portion of this mixture. I tell you a secret that you can use some sawdust.

Also sells a variety of components to reduce the amount of, but still, the best time to release the container.

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