Bigleaf hydrangea – planting and care

Bigleaf hydrangea

For over two decades the bigleaf hydrangea can be successfully cultivated on the territory of Russia.

The sale has more than seventy species of this plant and almost all of them have different cold tolerance, but only adult plants.

So, how to properly fit and care for the plant?

Planting hydrangea macrophylla

Despite the resistance to frost, bushes hydrangea grows well in full sun but can be planted in partial shade.

Planting hydrangea macrophylla occurs in spring or autumn. It is these times of the year contribute to strengthening and adaptation of plants.

In the spring, the focus is mainly soil, while during the autumn period, you need to pay attention to watering and temperature.

Hydrangea grows well in poor or srednekislye the soil. Interestingly, the percentage of acidity depends on the shades of colors. So in acidic soil, you can get the blue and blue colours and srednekislye pink.

It is best to prepare the soil mix yourself. Blended turf-soil, peat, leaf soil, humus and sand in equal parts.

Planting hydrangea macrophylla is performed in a pre-prepared hole with a size of 40×40×40 cm If the sapling is large, the size of the hole increase.

When filling in the pit, you can use a fertilizer mixed with earth. The plant should be well watered and covered with mulch, which long time keeps the soil moist. And this is very important for hydrangeas.

Mulching is perfect needles, sawdust or peat. It is desirable that the mulch layer was not less than 10 cm.

Cultivation was carried out for summer in General 2-3 times. If you plan on planting several bushes of hydrangea, the distance between them should be 1 m or more.

Further care

So, care bigleaf hydrangea is watering, regular fertilizing and the formation of the crown. Watering is very important, since water-loving plants. For one hive you need two buckets a week.

Soft water is used, no lime content. To mitigate, you can periodically use vinegar or lemon juice. Great rainwater.

Care bigleaf hydrangea will be successful in the use of fertilizers. As a feed it is necessary to apply fertilizers based on phosphorus or aluminum alum.

Also suitable fertilizer for rhododendron plants. It should say that it is not necessary to use as fertilizer wood ash.

The first dressing is done in the spring. Use of mineral fertilizers. The second time you need to fertilize the plant during budding. At this time, take 50 grams. potassium sulphate and 80 g. superphosphate. This is sufficient for 1 sq. m.

The third and fourth time using a solution of mullein. In a bucket of water will need 1 liter of This fertilizer apply in summer. One adult plant consume 10 liters of a solution.

Bigleaf hydrangea – planting and care

With regard to the formation of the crown, at first spring, cut the main shoots to two buds. You also need to cut out thin shoots.

For the second year in October or November need to be trimmed disproportionate and weak shoots. In July, when the flowering shoots are formed a powerful, cut them to a level where there is new growth. With proper care, hydrangeas can bloom all season.

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