Big, smooth and delicious carrots every year

large and smooth carrot

We gardeners in the case of failures used to blame it on poor quality seeds and poor weather conditions and partly right.

The seed offered by vendors leaves much to be desired, but gardeners rarely consider the needs of the plants.

For example, carrots, which we consider to be our culture really came from the Mediterranean sea, and accustomed to a very different climate.

Let’s see what you need to do to make the carrots grow large, smooth and tasty. Let’s start with the seeds, why are they going bad?

The main reason is the lack of moisture. Pay attention to the smell of carrot seeds.

Fresh, smell so strongly as the sheath is impregnated with essential oils, so they even do not allow seeds to arise, yet not soaked with water.

The second reason for poor germination our traditional method of planting that is sown in furrows, covered with earth and watered.

After irrigation of the planting material will fall deeper and will never do.

Left the seeds too, will have quite difficult to break through the formed thick earthy crust after drying of the top layer.

Except in such circumstances, the carrots will grow big and smooth? To improve germination of carrot and create a comfortable environment for growth you need to follow some rules.

First do not rush to planting in cold soil the carrots will go a long time, during that time get out the weeds and will prevent it to grow.

So the carrots were smooth, big and delicious spend copious irrigation in several approaches, so the soil is soaked deep, and top off with mulch.

Sow carrots next to onions, they will protect each other from garden pests. If the carrots are sown in early spring, then give preference to early maturing and late varieties.

First to go drinking in the summer, and the second will ripen in the autumn for storage in the cellar.

Middle-ripening varieties sow late, otherwise they ripen by August and remaining in the ground begin to give it its taste.

If the soil is heavy it is better to grow short carrots, long the fruit will grow gnarled and thin.

Follow these simple recommendations, you will definitely grow big, smooth and yummy carrots.

Now I will tell you about the method of growing carrots, which is used for many years and it never failed.

In autumn prepare a bed width of about 60 cm and sow the mustard. In the spring I spend loosening the soil in the garden, and edges in one row are planted the onion sets, which sprinkled the ground in the middle.

Thus, in the center of the garden is formed hollow. I leveled and abundantly in a number of techniques to shed water. On top sprinkle a little ash and sown carrot seeds.

Then sprinkle a thin layer of about 1-1,5 cm of earth or dry compost and cover with a covering material. Watering more won’t spend. Waiting for germination.

Water is necessary only in case of emergency, as under the mulch layer of moisture is sufficient.

After germination spend is not common, but abundant watering. Carrots grow large, smooth and tasty.

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