Berberis vulgaris — planting and care

Berberis vulgaris

Barberry – low beautifully flowering shrub of the barberry family.

The berries of this shrub have many useful properties and is very pleasant to the taste.

The fruit of barberry are used as a seasoning for meat dishes, including preparing sauces, jams and jelly, cooked compotes.

More of bright red and Burgundy berries to make tasty and beautiful liqueur with a pleasant, unmistakable odor.

Fruits, leaves and other parts of shrubs are used to prepare decoctions and infusions, good for various diseases.

In addition to these undeniable advantages, barberry has attractive looks and can be a great decoration of the infield.

Planting Berberis vulgaris

For planting of barberry need to choose a Sunny location away from Windows, because in the flowering period the bushes produces a not very pleasant aroma that spreads to a distance of two meters.

The shrub is undemanding, but prefers upland soil plots. Pay attention, that the soil was not too wet.

Planting Berberis vulgaris should be planned for an early spring. The sooner Bush will be planted, the less it will hurt afterwards.

The pit is dug under a Bush 50 cm in diameter, with a depth of about 40 cm If the soil is clayey, the size should increase to 10 cm in the bottom of the pit it is necessary to fertilize with organic fertilizer.

Watering should be only as long as barberry root, then the soil it is only necessary to loosen regularly. Every spring and fall, the bushes must be fed nitrogen and phosphate fertilizers, you can use diluted manure or bird droppings.

Caring for Berberis vulgaris

Special attention Berberis vulgaris is not required. In addition to regular feeding with fertilizers, the hive need to periodically prune and thin out.

In spring and autumn, removed all the dry, sick, and stopped in the development branch. In another, pruning barberry – is a flight of fancy of the gardener, the Bush can be shaped in any form.

Before the cold winter weather, the barberry is necessary to cover any type of material is that upon the occurrence of sustained warming and remove until next season.

Barberry protection from diseases and pests

Care barberry provides for the prevention and treatment of possible diseases. The shrub is not too painful plant. Of pests may threaten him unless barberry aphids and Sawfly.

They eat young leaves and shoots. To repel these insects, you can spray the bushes with a solution of soap and tobacco, or drug use «spark E».

More serious damage Bush could cause rust, a fungal disease that affects leaves, shoots and fruits of barberry.

This disease is manifested by the appearance on the leaf surface the spots are a dirty orange color, on the other hand compacted pads.

Berberis vulgaris

To prevent rust, before the period of flowering should be sprayed with a solution of barberry bardoli fluid concentration of 1%.

If the plant is sick, it should again be treated with this solution and adding the drug is «Topaz» by one or one and a half weeks. Affected by fungus branches should be removed at once.

Using these simple rules and recommendations, you can grow beautiful bushes of barberry usual, which not only will be a great help in various ailments, but also make your garden more elegant and festive.

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