Benefits of goat milk

Benefits of goat milk

For anybody not a secret that goat’s milk has medicinal properties.

Since ancient times, his help was treating seriously ill people.

Even such a terrible disease as tuberculosis, take their positions and retreated before the onslaught of this product.

But what is the use of goat’s milk?

According to some nutritionists, the secret is that goat’s milk is quite quickly absorbed by the body even faster than cow’s milk.

And this, in turn, suggests that the body takes much more of substances.

Useful properties of goat milk

Goat’s milk can safely drink allergies, because it has virtually no lactose.

Goat’s milk is much fatter than cow, and therefore calorie. This product contains a great amount of potassium, calcium, manganese, iodine, magnesium, copper and iron, and vitamins A, D.

Ascorbic and nicotinic acid, «jump on» standards of cow’s milk. But it is important to remember that the fresher the milk, the healthier it is, since after some time the value of goat’s milk is significantly reduced.

The milk of these animals is very similar to the female, because it contains a beta-casein. For this reason, this drink can replace breast milk when breastfeeding.

Also pediatricians are confident that this product eliminates diarrhea in children. Rachitic children, using goat milk, is much faster recover.

It is not advisable to drink milk very quickly. If you ignore it, the stomach clots. Also milk drink should be taken warm, that it is better digested.

The human body assimilates better than raw milk than pasteurized.

Pasteurization is done at high temperature, so killed a large number of useful enzymes.

All people benefit from goat milk, but still requires some

benefits of goat milk

him more:

  • for dairy product protein component is missing, because it causes allergies, so if overcomes Allergy to cow’s, replace it with goat;
  • — goat milk contains rather high amount of calcium. Because of this, this drink is very useful to drink for fractures.


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