Beloperone — care at home


Now in many houses, you can see low (about half a meter tall) indoor plant has small oval leaves covered with bright red flowering bracts and small white flowers, gathered in inflorescences.

All of this relates to beloperone, which is also called potted hops.

Growing beloperone

 Location and lighting

Place it on a lighted place but not in direct sunlight. Summer room hops grows well outdoors in the cool shade, but not in the draft. Winter is the best feeling in the West or North side.

Temperaturethe Optimum temperature for beloperone – about +25°C. In General, the plant is not very exacting to temperature conditions: the minimum that it can withstand +7°C, maximum +28°C.

Room hops dislikes are well heated in winter the room is at the temperature of +15°C and above can drop leaves.

Watering and humidity

Requires abundant watering, the soil always remained a little wet. Excessive moisture is also harmful to plants. Excess moisture should be removed from the pallet. Reduce watering in winter.

Humidity should always be high in hot weather, the air is moistened with spraying warm water.


For active growth and flowering during the growing season (March-October) the plant needs to be fertilized.

Feed him at least twice a month complete mineral fertilizer or liquid concentrated funds.

Transplantation and propagation

Transplanted beloperone in that case, if too small a pot, traditionally the best time for this – spring.

In most cases the room hops are propagated by cuttings. Cut the cuttings are rooted in boxes or in 3 pieces in small pots.

For planting you need a substrate consisting of peat and sand (peat twice). After rooting (2 weeks) they are planted in individual pots.

To take the sod and soil humus earth, 1 part, 2 parts peat lands, also add horn shavings and fertilizer.

After 5-6 months the young plants are transplanted to larger pots, using handling. Another method of propagation is by planting in the ground seeds.

Pests and fight with them

Often plants are subject to attack of aphids. For this pest indicate discolored and curled leaves. Get rid of aphids through processing flower soap solution.

Small insects that settle on the leaves and shoots is the whitefly. Get rid of it, reducing watering and fertilizing the plant. If pests are too many shoots and leaves treated with «actellic» or «decis».

If the leaves of beloperone turn yellow and wither, and they appear on the web, it means infested with red spider mite.

The affected leaves are removed, plants are sprayed and washed with warm water, can be treated with «actellic».

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