Begonia care in the home

Begonia care in the home

In the decoration of pavilions, green areas, terraces, loggias, use the beautiful, richly flowering plants.

Many of them belong to the category of indoor and open air are imposed only in the summer.

Such decorative flowers is the begonia.

Closer to the warmth of her are planted in boxes filled with earth or hanging pots, and take in the fresh air.

But can the whole year to keep a plant on the windowsill, making him the needed comforts of home.

Begonia care in the home

Begonia requires enough lighting. But from the direct rays it still should be protected to avoid burns on the leaves. If begonias will take to the country during summer, provide partial shade her a little.

This indoor plant is a native of the subtropics. Therefore, the humidity for begonias so much. But humidification requires a different approach.

When irrigation is necessary to try to drop water is not touching the leaves – it will provoke illness. The best option – wet the expanded clay in the pan. While watering the soil must be regular.


You need to feed begonias with a frequency of 1 times in 3 weeks. Before flowering it is better to use nitrogen fertilizers, which affect leaf growth. In the future, apply phosphorus and potassium fertilizing, stimulating abundant flowering.

Care of begonia in the home involves not only feeding, but also to transplant as necessary when roots become cramped in the old pot.

New capacity is immediately filled to the brim with earth – enough to begin to cover the roots. Soil is added gradually, in several stages of filling the flower pot.

Begonia is usually propagated by division of tubers. But sometimes the quality of the planting material used stems and leaf petioles. In this case, each varieties of this houseplant has its own specifics planting.

But to begonia in the home are well established, propagated, it should be in February-March in pots of sandy soil.

Begonia care in the home

When excess moisture begonia in the home may attack aphids. Another dangerous pest for a flower – spider mite.

Fight them with insecticides: Malathion, Fitoverm. For greater efficiency processed flower on the day it is advisable to pack in a plastic bag.

Excessive moisture may cause damage begonias at home fungal diseases – powdery mildew and rot.

As soon as you notice the first signs of the disease, reduce watering to a minimum, and damaged leaves and stems immediately remove.

If you be careful and give proper care begonias in the home, she gave a bouquet of beautiful flowers to enjoy which can be almost all year round.

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