Beets chard – growing and its beneficial properties

beets chard - growing

Useful properties of «Swiss chard» is in a large amount of vitamin K, also contains vitamins A, E and useful elements sodium, potassium, magnesium and iron.

The content of nutrients beneficial to human health.

This plant is in addition to the described properties, more involved in the decorative ornament of garden and garden in General, letters that will further saturate the bright colors of the flowers and flower beds.

In the first year depending on variety and care, rosette leaves of beets, chard, develops from 20 to 40cm. in height.

Good neighbors are: cabbage, radish, beans, carrot, radish. Beets chard likes full sun and fertile soil.

On clay and sandy soils palatability worse. Can be of 2 forms: leaf and petiolar.

Beets chard growing in the garden

Soil for growing Swiss chard, prepared as for ordinary beet (dining room). According to the weather conditions of your region, it is possible to grow through seedling or outdoors from seeds.


Seeds seedlings are planted approximately in the month of April, one into each pot. After emergence and establishment of normal temperature, plants are placed on a constant growth.

If peat pots, with them. Seeds in open ground are sown in may, when the threat of frost passes.

If sowing is carried out later, by the end of may, Swiss chard seeds, pre-soaked for 1-2 hours. Currently patch.

The distance between the grooves 30-35cm., with a depth of 3-4cm. After sowing seeds, cover with soil, and on top of the wood ashes is based 250 ml per 1 sq. m.

At the end of the planting water the bed with a solution of weeds. Additional chemical fertilizer use is not advisable, as the leaves and petioles of beet chard are edible throughout the summer season.

Growing this plant, don’t forget about grooming, mandatory watering through time with the addition of weed tincture, we can’t let the ground dry out and destruction of weeds, as required, loosening the soil between rows.

When formed outlet 10 and leaves and a height of 20-25cm, as

beet chard salad

needs you can conduct cutting plants.

Beets chard is used in salads raw or added to soups, and the stalks can be used for pickling along with cabbage.

For storage, pull the plant with the stalks. In the cellar they can be stored up to two weeks.

During this time, they must adapt, petioles pickle and beet leaves to dry.

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