Bees in the garden – tips for beginners

Bees in the garden

Many would agree that bees play an important role in the agricultural sector.

But their opinion changes dramatically when it comes to the keeping of bees on the plot.

Bees in the garden

Everyone knows that bees is able to significantly increase the yield of garden and vegetable cultures.

Chances are that it is important for every gardener, even if he has a little farmland. If in the country there is an apiary, the yield of fruit can grow to 40 — 50%.

The crop of cucumbers, pumpkins, melons, strawberries, increases almost double. In turn, the quality of seeds and fruits is significantly improved.

The task of the bees in the garden is not just to do with pollination of plants, but also to fill a honeycomb of precious and much-loved honey.

Of course, if the number of families not to exceed five, to drain the honey will not work, although it is possible to please close the frame comb honey.

Of course, to keep bees on the plot and to avoid certain difficulties and inconveniences, not to leave. However, they can be reduce if you know certain rules.

For example, to avoid complaints from the neighbors, you need to choose the right breed of bees. It will be important and determining the location for the hives.

If farmland is small and located at a short distance from neighboring cottages, it is better to choose a more peaceful breed of bees.

It can be, or the Carpathian mountain grey Caucasian bees. Even during the inspection of bee families, you can not wear the facial mask, particularly when the plants begin to secrete nectar.

It is very important to place an apiary in the right place. Best bee hives set near bushes or under trees. You can also place beehives behind the house, away from the tracks and the neighborhood garden.

If possible, it would be nice to install a fence with a height of about 2 meters and planted tall bushes to make a hedge.

The secret of this approach is that the bees have to fly up high, they can’t sting people.

Bees in the garden

You can also install hives in the attic. They are placed closer to the wall, and make them a special hole that you want to connect with a slot-corridor.

You can use thin plates. This approach is convenient because the bees on the plot will not be for anybody stumbling, and in the attic you can store inventory.

Inspection families need to do only if necessary. This is best done at a time when no one is in the neighboring backyards and in the evening.

It is important to remember that bees reaction to the smell of alcohol, Cologne, sweat.

In the beginning, the best option would be to get 4 families. This is done in order to be able to settle or change the frame.

A beginner beekeeper will be very difficult to cope with a large number of families.

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