Beans and vegetable – healthy properties and varieties

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Green beans vegetable is grown in Russia since the 17th century, and was originally used solely as a means, due to its beneficial properties.

Due to the rich content of medicinal elements and the protein broth from the beans helps to cope with hypertension, diseases of the cardiovascular system, kidneys, gout.

The flowers of green beans insist for breaking down kidney stones. And the infusion of the pods pulling sugar from the blood.

The use of this garden culture so widely that it is difficult to find another plant that would possess such a rich assortment of useful items.

And how many delicious dishes from this product can cook cook it and the sauces, great side dishes, salads, soups, and of course preserving.

Beans vegetable rich in vitamins: C, A, b, E, folic acid, minerals and fiber.

The presence of vitamins A, E, C, zinc, maintain healthy skin, the battle against free radicals.

A variety of varieties of kidney beans a vegetable allows you to grow it in almost any region of Russia.

In early-maturing varieties vegetation period lasts about 2 months. In late-maturing a little longer than 3 months.


Varieties are divided according to the nature of growth: erect stem and twining. The fruits can be both monochrome and multi-colored (variegated).

Among gardeners until recently, the most popular types of shelling beans, although now more and more gardens begin to meet sugar and fodder species.

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They have a tough parchment layer and are called asparagus.

Seeds begin to germinate at a temperature of 12°C., and the optimum is 18°-23°C. Although 40°C will bring calm.

Growing conditions are the same as the peas. Depending on the plant variety may be the height from 20 to 40cm.

Until frost culture is weakly stable, because this is frequently the cause of death of the plant.

Varieties of beans

 Saks without fiber — ripening variety, vegetation period is about 50-60 days. The yield is high. Suitable for cultivation in the Northern regions of Russia. The height of the Bush from 20 to 40cm. Beans on average of 10 cm, the fruits are juicy, fleshy, green, delicious.

Beans generous — sort bookmarks from ripening to harvest 55 to 70 days. Growth form shrub, fruits green, parchment layer is absent. Taste qualities are excellent, the yield is large.

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