Basilicata rust of tomatoes

Basilicata rust of tomatoes

On the market buying tomatoes and cucumbers, many have no idea how much effort gardeners to cultivate any vegetable crop.

The same tomatoes, like any living being, susceptible to disease, they are annoying viruses and microbes.

In order to grow a good crop of tomatoes, gardeners have to monitor the daily status of cultivated plants.

You need to be able to recognize the disease and to take timely measures to combat it. Otherwise, the infection will quickly spread and «eat» the entire plant.

Among the other diseases of tomatoes dangerous are different types of spots. And Basilicata rust.

It all starts with a faint point of yellowish color, which quickly grows on leaves in the stain. Over time, with the underside of the leaf spot becomes convex, superficially resembling a small cushion.

At the end of the vegetation period, if you do not take any measures, dusty pads take the form of columns (cups) black, brown, sometimes purple. Rust deforms the affected organs, causes them to dry out. Sick culture ceases to bear fruit.

Physiologically Basilicata rust is a fungus that is not afraid of frosts. Therefore, if the land was previously the slightest symptoms of this disease, the spores wintered, with the coming of spring, begin their attack on the city.

Particularly active fungus develops in damp conditions: if the site is located, for example, a wetland, or spring was very rainy.

To prevent the development vocalcity rust, the tomatoes should start to spray before flowering, repeating the process every 10 days, until the formation of the ovaries.

The most common systemic antifungal composition is considered Bordeaux liquid (1% probability). Also use a solution of iron sulphate and copper oxychloride. Good results are Fundazol, Oksihom Figon, etc.

But many gardeners try to use chemicals as little as possible. Therefore, it is easier to spray the tomatoes and other vegetable crops) soap solution soda ash.

And biological agents use an infusion of marigolds, or a decoction of horsetail. By the way, these same marigolds (the second name Tagetes) can be planted around the perimeter of the garden with tomatoes as a means of prevention of development vocalcity rust.

In very advanced cases it is recommended that infected plants be removed from the beds and burned to avoid spread of disease to other bushes.

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