Basilicata currant rust — how to deal

Basilicata rust

Basilicata rust currant is a widespread disease of garden plants.

Basilicata it’s called because the affected area is in the form of pads of glass. The causative agent is a parasitic fungus.

Carefully inspect your currant bushes and gooseberry.

If suddenly on the top side of the sheet appeared black stripes, then this is a clear indication that your plant is infected and so soon on the outside of the sheet will be Basilicata rust.

Learn rusted species with yellowish-red cushions that suddenly appear on plants.

Most often Basilicata rust affects blackcurrants and gooseberries. Infected and sick leaves of bushes look ugly at first, and then completely fall off until mid-summer. Ovary and flowers also fall off.

If the disease struck the fruit, they do not have time to ripen, the berries will dry up and fall off. Your currant Bush can lose up to 50% of the fruits and leaves even more up to 80%.

The appearance Basilicata rust currant

The disease begins to develop in spring and may continue until early June. Rust affects is not yet ripe young berries, leaves, flowers, and even that is very dangerous, ovaries.

Then in the orange and yellow pads of Mature spores, which the wind easily carries to other plants, mainly on sedge, where they successfully develop and overwinter.

And in the spring all the same the wind carries the spores on the gooseberry bushes and currants. So it is necessary to promptly mow sedge and not allow it to grow in your area.

How to deal with vocalcity rust?

First, as already wrote above, you need to deal with the sedge: to drain the areas where it likes to grow, and periodically to mow it.

Secondly, it is necessary to loosen the soil in the late fall and early spring, homeland is the soil with fallen leaves.

One of the most effective methods of combating Basilicata rust is spraying currant bushes and gooseberry Bordeaux liquid (1%).

Basilicata rust currant

Spraying should be carried out 3 times: 1st, when leaves appear, and then when buds appearing, and 3rd time – right after Bush bloom.

And, of course, need to buy disease resistant varieties of currant. These include the «Dove», «Minsk», «Kontata», «Goliath».

If you breed a white and red currants, here are the most resistant to rust Basilicata there are varieties: «Pulkovo», «bulinska Red», «white Versailles».

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