Bashkir duck – description of the breed

Bashkir duck

Those who want to breed birds in the farm economy, often ask what breed of ducks is better to have?

Experienced poultry farmers are advised to start with the Bashkir duck, because the young stock is not expensive, has a strong body and not demanding in terms of care.

The Bashkir duck is of two colors. The plumage is green and black with a white chest.

Males are colored mainly in bright color, appearance is very reminiscent of wild ducks. The feathers are painted an unusual pattern that gives a feathered charm and originality.

They are endowed with a strong Constitution, and the thorax slightly arched forward. Paws powerful, freely extended, the head in the upper part flattened, the beak a little depressed, broad head, short neck, massive. The wings fit body.

Adult male Bashkir duck weighs up to 4 kg. Meat is almost fat, sweet, specific flavor is missing. For a productive season, which is 40 weeks duck can carry up to 235 eggs weight 90 gr.

Young for a short time, gaining an impressive weight – 80% by weight of a Mature bird. Duckling in a month weighs almost 3 kg.

If we talk about the advantage of Bashkir duck, the hatchability of young animals from eggs is 80%. Thanks to the strong immune system of poultry are resistant to disease.

Ducks adapt to any conditions. For meat production birds to keep only 4 months. At this age they start to lay eggs. The percentage of fat in the meat is about 33%.

The downside is the excessive appetite and clean drinking water.

Birds need to organize comfortable conditions for accommodation, where they will be warm. The room must be well ventilated.

Near the barn is desirable to have an enclosure for walking. Possible to be near a reservoir, which can be done independently, but must necessarily follow, that the water was always clean.

Breeding Bashkir duck is to organize the illumination and the required temperature. In winter the room must be heated.

For lighting you can use standard bulbs. A day room lighting must be at least 14 hours. You also need to take care of the floor insulation.

As for feeding, that given the shortened intestine in birds there is an acceleration of the metabolism. Actually why need to feed them two or three times.

As food you can use cut grass, silage, chopped root vegetables and bulk food.

Young, you need to add in food vitamin and mineral supplements, cheese, and river sand for a better digestion. Feeding the ducks need, but without the excess. Otherwise, birds will begin to garnet.

Bashkir duck

For breeding do not need an incubator, because duck has a well-developed instinct of motherhood. Youngsters who grew up a duck, is much stronger and healthier those that have been grown artificially.

To the ducklings were healthy, they need the first 20 days at a temperature of 20°C to +30°C . After that, the temperature was lowered to +15°C+17°C.

During this time the Chicks will have time to get stronger and to gain strength. After a time, the luminous flux is reduced.

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