Basement waterproofing your hands

Basement waterproofing your hands

Undoubtedly, the basis of the structure of each is the Foundation.

Its durability depends on the durability. Often the Foundation is exposed to rainwater and groundwater.

If undue influence, the basis of the house is subjected to deformation and begins to sink.

In order to avoid it, you need basement waterproofing. Of course, this case can not be called elementary, it is therefore advisable before starting, to investigate the matter or to consult with a knowledgeable business man.

Basement waterproofing your hands

First you need to find out how «pouchitsa» the soil in polimeraznoi the time depth of land under water, soil heterogeneity and operating conditions of the building.

If the groundwater are above the level where the Foundation, but below the level of the basement, to enhance the waterproofing you need to make a certain set of measures.

This includes the horizontal waterproofing of the basement in which you need to do two layers and fluff them with a special mastic.


It is important to know that the use of horizontal waterproofing of Foundation is possible solely on the construction stage, so this process shouldn’t miss.

Vertical insulation of the Foundation includes spreading between the layers, and also need a rolled material for pasting.

You can also handle the concrete construction of the Foundation of the house «penetrating» insulation which prevents the penetration of moisture through the capillaries.

If ground water comes to the basement, then you need to apply additionally to the above list the drainage system along the border of the structure.

Before starting work with the Foundation of the house and construction of basement at the bottom of the trench should pour a layer of 300 mm of clay and well compacted.

Then poured the cement mortar layer to 700 mm. the Inevitability of concrete is in the arrangement of its waterproofing under the Foundation of the house.

But first, a layer of concrete needs to dry well for 2 weeks. Next, the concrete layer must be carefully treated bitumen grease and put a layer of tar paper and pour the same thickness layer of concrete.

It aligns and «zheleznjat». This is done as follows: after about 3 hours after pouring the concrete to fill cement of 1-2 cm and to align well. After some time, the cement will start to get wet by absorbing water from the concrete.

Next, the entire surface should from time to time to moisten to the time is not yet completely dry concrete.If you require a drainage system, then you need to dig a ditch along the border

Basement waterproofing your hands

the house, a distance of about 60 cm from the base of the house.

The depth may be about 400 mm, thus it is impossible to forget about the slight slope toward the drain pit.

On the bottom of the trench laying geotextile and covered with gravel to 50 mm. Then put the drain pipe (perforated) do not necessarily forgetting about the bias.

All covered with gravel and wrapped with geotextile edges. On top of all cover with soil.

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