Barberry Thunberg — planting and care

Barberry On Tunba

Rarely what the owner of the infield will abandon shrubs.

Some drop them off to have on hand fresh berries.

Other types decorated with blooming flower beds. Third shrubs is a good add to the fence.

And all of them will definitely satisfy the two-meter Bush Barberry Thunberg. Thanks to his height and abundant prickles on the branches of this plant is the perfect hedge, through which it is very difficult to penetrate.

And this fence still looked good, his crown 2 times a year (after winter and summer) cut.

Barberry Thunberg

Decorated in the form of balls Barberry will be a great addition to rock gardens that adorn the area and will help to build on the land unusual landscape. Sami leaves with scalloped edges, thanks to its dark purple color – I have a good decor item.

And when the shrub is blooming, its bright brush grows in the garden the heady aroma. To replace them, oblong fruits of different colors (red, yellow or black), which are not only delicious but have medicinal properties.

Barberry Thunberg popular among gardeners, and its ruggedness. Shrub for any soil. He is not afraid of differences of temperatures or severe frosts.

Fun Barberry to any place where it will be put: in the sun or in the shade. The only «but» — should avoid the neighbourhood with gramineous plants, of which the Bush can become infected with fungus.

To grow Barberry Thunberg won’t be easy. It is possible to propagate root cuttings, cuttings or sowing seeds.

Collected fruits are sown in autumn, they are first in flower pots, and in the spring the shoots are planted in a permanent place of «residence» of a Bush in the garden.

But if necessary, the Barberry can be transplanted to another location. It is possible to carry out the division of the hive into 2 parts with extensive root

barberry Thunberg - planting and care


In order to propagate shrubs by layering, extreme stems in the fall tip down and sprinkle the ground.

In the spring or late summer, these cuttings otcleanit from the Bush and transplanted to a new area.

Often Barberry is propagated by cuttings. During summer pruning cut branches stored and placed in a mixture of peat with sand.

When the cuttings will be roots, they are planted in special containers with soil, and care for planting until spring. Then, seedlings planted in open ground.

That the plant is well developed, it must be periodically watered. But particularly zealous in this is not necessary – can rot the roots of the shrub.

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