Barberry Ottawa

Barberry Ottawa

Why Barberry is considered to be a shrub.

Although its fruits are rich in vitamins, organic and mineral substances.

Therefore, it is a fruit plant, it is desirable to have in your garden, not only for decoration, and due to its healing properties.

Moreover, the Barberry itself is unpretentious. He can get along in any type of soil and transfer to any conditions (like drought and frost).

And though the Bush – photophilous plant, but it will grow in the shade. Even the environmentally polluted environment of the Barberry is not a hindrance.

Among the types of plants we gardeners popular Ottawa Barberry. Planted, as a rule, several bushes, creating on a plot of beautiful flower fence. But it is important to maintain a distance between individuals is not less than 2 m, so they do not interfere with each other.

If planted 2 rows, at a distance of 2.5 m between the plants. When planting a single shrub dug a pit of cubic shape with the side faces of at least 60 cm To create the same fence digging a trench width of two feet.

Under the roots of the plants on the bottom is placed the nutrient solution – sand, garden soil, humus in equal amounts. If the soil is not fertile, it is possible to add urea.

Despite the fact that Barberry Ottawa – the plant is drought resistant, but in the first weeks after planting, the shrub will have plenty of water every 2-3 days. Gradually irrigation is reduced to 1 time per week, then as needed.

Begin to fertilize Barberry need a year after his landing. The regularity of feeding – 1 time in 3 years in the spring using a watering the plants. The mixture should enter mineral fertilizers (potassium, phosphorus, nitrogen) and some trace elements.

To stimulate fruiting Barberry pruning is not necessary. It is mainly carried out for decorative purposes, giving the shrubs a variety of forms. And, of course, make sanitary pruning to remove diseased, weak branches or has suffered from frost. Therefore, it is desirable to trim the Barberry Ottawa annually in the spring.

Despite the fact that Barberry is resistant to the conditions of its existence, it is subjected to attack of pests and diseases.

Therefore, in order to prevent the defeat of powdery mildew or rust, as well as from the attacks flower moth and aphid, Barberry need to spray just after Bud break Bordeaux liquid (1%). Then the procedure was repeated 2 more times every 20 days.

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