Barbaris», Atropurpurea Nan» — planting and care


Usually barberry «Atropurpurea Nan» grown in areas as an ornamental plant.

But some varieties of this shrub are also a good plodonosit with nutritious berries.

Barberry is used in medicinal purposes. Therefore, this culture it is desirable to keep «on hand».

Barbaris», Atropurpurea Nan»

Modern breeders have cultivated varieties of barberry, resistant to many plant diseases. And among them are the Thunberg Barberry», which has excellent prospects for distribution in our lands.

It can be recommended for suburban areas «, Atropurpurea Nana» — dwarf compact shrub with a prostrate habit.

Decorative barberry «Atropurpurea Nan» give a purple-red leaves, the colour of which fall to become rich «bloody». The shrub blooms in may, throwing the brush-like inflorescences of yellow-red hue.

Planting of barberry «, Atropurpurea Nan»


Barberry itself – the plant is undemanding. But he has one inviolable requirement is a low occurrence of groundwater. Everything else (lighting, selection of soil) the plant is ready to put up.

Barberry is propagated through vegetation (suckers, dividing the Bush, cuttings). But it is allowed and seed farming. Often gardeners do not have time to collect the seeds, and they germinate the following year «wildings». They can also be used, transplanted to another place.

Barbaris», Atropurpurea Nan» is recommended to plant groups. For example, to create a decorative fence or decorate a small shrub of the alley.

The distance between the individuals must be at least 2 m. If you plan to plant 2 more rows, then the interval between them is kept 2.5 m.

The planting hole under the barberry make a depth of 60 cm, the same should be the diameter. It is possible to plant the culture of trenching. While digging a trench in width to two feet, placing there the bushes at a distance of 1.5 m.

But I have to prepare the pit. At the bottom of the stacked mold, sand and earth from the garden in equal parts. If the soil is not fertile enough, you can add and urea.

Bury Bush in a hole it in such a way that the soil it was below the edge of the pit at a distance of 6 cm Covered pit, row a plot mulched with peat layer up to 5 cm

Barbaris», Atropurpurea Nan» — care

Despite the fact that barberry – culture, tolerant to drought immediately after planting, the plant should be watered abundantly and frequently not less than 3 times a week. Then watering is minimized – as the drying of the soil. Every tree requires 5 to 7 liters of water.

Fertilizing barberry «Atropurpurea Nan» should start from the second year of life


plants with low – 1 time per 3 years (in the spring). It is desirable to use the full set of micro — and macroelements.

Rust, powdery mildew, flower moth, aphids – the main beach is the barberry.

To fight them will have a preventive and curative sprays using Bordeaux liquid.

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