Banya at the dacha with his hands

bath with his hands

In order to build a bath, a hire craftsmen, who over a certain amount will take over.

Typically, this amount is quite round, so why pay more when you can build a good bath at the cottage with their own hands and save a decent amount.

The choice of location for the baths at the cottage

If next to your plot or does it have a reservoir, river, pond, lake, it is better to place the bath near, but 15-20 meters from the water.

If there is a way, it is better positioned on the opposite side of the site. Mainly built as a separate bath building, but the possibilities of extension to summer kitchens, outhouses, greenhouses, workshops.

With proper device isolation, ventilation, sanitation, you can easily avoid dampness and odors.

The dimensions of the bath

The size of the building bath with his hands depend on the area and your desires. The smallest size at which you can normally place is a 3,5×3,5 meters.

There you can arrange a dressing room, washing room. For particularly small dimensions of the building is the changing room, do the vestibule with hangers and shelves for different attributes.

Those who use bath only in summer, the dressing room don’t do at all, but instead construct a veranda or terrace.


Selection of type of Foundation

The choice of Foundation depends on the type of soil where construction bath in the country. If the soil is dry and homogeneous, the background can be flat stones, on which lay the boards pre-treated with antiseptic and bitumen.

These stones are placed all the corners of the bath and into the joints of the walls, the stones are placed every meter. The space between the stones filled with clay. Sometimes completely put all stones.

But this kind of construction baths in the country with their hands is extremely rare, now all the cost of construction of this Foundation. It can be tape, columnar, pile.

Pier Foundation is made of stone, brick or concrete. Some use pre-cast concrete pillars or asbestos pipe filled with concrete mix.

Sometimes used wooden poles, but since they are rapidly destroyed, lost popularity.

Pile Foundation is to install concrete and metal piles. It is ideal to build on difficult terrain or on slopes.

Strip Foundation is quite simple, and the house in the end it turns and reliable. For this you need to make a trench, it is filled with sand 15-20 cm, fill it with water and well tamped.

Then a similar layer of gravel and laid rebar and poured concrete on top. The concrete layer may be equal to the height of the cap or it is made of brick, paving on top of the concrete roofing. In one of the rows must do a void for ventilation.

Wall for bath

The wall is best done from logs and lumber. Most importantly, before construction bath in the country with their

bath with his hands

hands, be sure to handle them and to do the waterproofing layer.

Between the logs to lay the tape mezhventsovogo insulation. It is sold in rolls, so the difficulties of laying will not occur.

Selection of furnaces for a bath

Furnaces are long and periodic action. Prolonged exposure to heating by electricity or liquid fuel.

The temperature is maintained automatically. In periodic heating oven has an impressive clutch, and fuel are wood.

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