Bacteriosis of cucumbers — control measures

Bacteriosis of cucumbers

Bacteriosis is a very dangerous disease for cucumbers, which can be fully infected leaves and fruits.

Manifested in the form of a yellow dry spots on the leaves, where moisture is seen turbid liquid (bacteria), more dry days of dry spots and holes.

On fruits is also formed yellow spots in the form of ulcers, which lead to their shrinkage or underdevelopment, as well as prevent the emergence of new embryos.

The infection manifests itself in any place of landing – it can be as open ground and greenhouses. The disease progresses or through infected seeds of the fruit (the duration of life of bacteria is about 20 months), or from the dried residue from diseased plants.

Favorable conditions for the development of bacteriosis of cucumbers: temperature 19-23°C, humidity of air, formation of moisture on the fruit and leaves.

Bacteria are killed at temperatures above 35°C or in the soil, but no residues not rotted fruit and leaves.

Bacteriosis of cucumbers — control measures

There are several ways to prevent and treat bacteriosis of cucumbers from:to avoid contamination of the crop bacteriosis must first be selected for seed only clean non-infected fruit.

Required during the harvest and cleaning of the land should be very carefully to remove all remnants of cucumbers and leaves, so that nothing is left.

Then process, to dig up the entire plot, to almost completely change the layers of the soil in some places.

When planting in open areas of great importance in crop rotation. Clear the soil for planting cucumbers.

Pre-planted plants should be such as onions, cabbage, potatoes, beans, and grains. Re-planting of cucumbers can be done not earlier than 4 years.

Treat the plants with special means as to the incidence of bacteriosis and on time. Be sure to take into account the degree of development of the disease, depending on that choose the drug and its concentration.

In greenhouse cultivation of cucumbers possible reduction of humidity (by means of ventilation) and temperature rise (up to desired standards).

Systematic disinfection of the greenhouse with the methods of treatment with special means and whitewash

Bacteriosis of cucumbers - control measures

lime certain parts of the structure.

When thinning trees to remove infected plants, and subsequent treatment with solutions of healthy.

Fulfilling all safety precautions when planting, prior proper preparation of the seed and control during growth the possibility of infection bacteriosis of cucumbers is greatly reduced.

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