Baby swing for the garden with their hands

baby swing for the garden

Creating a kids corner in the country, a very good addition will serve as a swing.

Baby swing in the country, in addition to entertainment, will contribute to the development of the vestibular apparatus of your child.

You can make a swing for villas with their hands, or to purchase from manufacturers who offer a huge range of swings and swings for children of different ages.

Varieties of swings for the garden

For the youngest children, for those who recently learned to sit, good swing-transformers.

These baby swings have soft and comfortable seat, compact size and small amplitude rolling.

In addition, they are equipped with seat belts and adjustable backrest for the comfort of the baby. These baby swing for the garden, also can easily replace the cradle, highchair and chair.

Especially, these swings can be used not only in the country or on the Playground, but also in any place where this

baby swing for the garden

are the parents.

For their children, who can confidently sit back and hold on, like a floor or hanging baby swing for the garden.

Manufacturers offer models for outdoor use and indoor.

Hanging swing attached to a metal pipe, that there is no obstruction to swing no front or rear.

Outdoor, need to attach to stakes killed to a sufficient depth into the ground that to exclude rollover.

Street swings for the cottages, which will suit the older generation of children and adults on the frame, must be installed in an open area.

To do this, choose herbal or primer, and hard surfaces such as concrete or asphalt should be avoided because of the risk of injury. For reliability, the legs of these swing for the garden zabetonirovana.

Swing for villas with their hands

The proposed design is in compliance with all recommendations is able to withstand weight up to 150 kg For the manufacture of a swing to give your hands you will need:

baby swing for the garden with their hands

Bar 100x100mm, metal corner for mounting bars, screws screws, rods and rails for the seat.

As a subsidiary mechanism of the swing, perfect steel wire rope or chain which will be attached to the suspended hooks.

Build a swing for the garden begins with the pillars. First Assembly of bottom frame. It should be wider than the seat is approximately 50cm. for durability.

The boards should be concreted firmly to seal the corners with a horizontal crossbar. Next, attach the sticks in a triangle (solitaire).

Begin the Assembly seat for a swing. First make two frames of bars: for the back and benches. To fasten the rails framework.

With the corners fastened back, and the store of swing (angle of 110 to 120g). Fasten the hooks to the horizontal bar and put them in the chain , which is further fastened to the seat.

All the swings to give their hands prepared, if desired, they can be equipped with armrests.

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